Leading geotechnical specialist chooses to work with Manchester-based Jofson Limited in the drive to reach net-zero carbon.

As part of the world’s largest geotechnical construction company, Bachy Soletanche has a reputation for delivering high quality, innovative solutions. Not surprisingly, the company expected the same standards when replacing its fleet of diesel forklift trucks.

They found the perfect solution in a fleet of Mitsubishi electric counterbalance forklift trucks from Jofson Limited of Trafford Park Manchester.

“We wanted to switch from diesel to electric as part of a company-wide drive to reduce emissions by 40% before the end of the decade” explains Steve Egan, Maintenance Supervisor at the Bachy Soletanche Burscough site. “The only issue was whether electric forklifts could match the go-anywhere performance of the diesel models we had relied on for many years.”

A demonstration of the award-winning EDiA electric counterbalance trucks recommended by Jofson Limited provided the decisive answer. The new trucks did more than enough to convince Steve Egan and his forklift operators.

“We manufacture tools that are used in the geotechnical industry, across a busy, 9-acre site which includes some tough terrain, but the Mitsubishi EDiA trucks provided by Jofson proved totally up to the task” he confirms.

Keeping loads steady

As a result of that positive demonstration, the company acquired two Mitsubishi 3-tonne EDiA EX forklifts, which are used to carry loads in and out of a service workshop on site, as well as a Mitsubishi 5-tonne EDiA XL used in the yard to unload lorries.
“Having carefully assessed the site, we recommended that accumulators be fitted to the masts on all the trucks to compensate uneven ground in some areas of the site” explains Kevin Gorman, Sales Director at Jofson Limited. “The accumulators absorb potential jolts and vibrations, minimising the risk of lost loads. Weight indicators were also added to better inform the operators and prevent trucks being overloaded. At the same time sideshifts ensure pin-point positioning of every load”.

Easy charging

The transition from diesel to electric has been seamless. “The charging process has been easier and much less intrusive than we expected” confirms Steve Egan. Even though the trucks are used pretty much every day, we only need to charge them about once a week. “We quickly found that using the eco power mode makes a significant difference when it comes to saving on energy consumption and extending shift life”.

Most importantly, the trucks were approved by the operators. Steve Egan confirms that the EDiA trucks are thought of as “really comfortable to drive with a low step height and wide footwell making them easy to get on and off.

“While our primary aim was to reduce emissions and pollution, the exceptionally low sound levels in the operator’s cabin have also helped to eliminate noise pollution resulting in a stress-free environment that contributes to both safety and productivity.”

Safety first  

Bachy Soletanche have also taken precautions to ensure the safety of pedestrians is maintained in the absence of noise associated with diesel trucks.
Blue spotlights in front of and behind the trucks and safety zone lights alongside create a virtual no-go area that alerts pedestrians to the trucks’ presence.
Operators are encouraged to drive safely through the presence of anti-collision software that identifies collisions, and impacts and other examples of poor practice.”
Summing up, Steve Egan says “The whole process of specifying exactly what we needed was made very straightforward by Kevin and his team who over-saw the whole process from specification to commissioning. The trucks are performing admirably, and we know the Jofson service team will be with us promptly if we have the slightest issue” adds Steve Egan.