Energy Assets launches asset-based EV charge point offer for fleet operators

EA Net Zero (EA NZ), the specialist low carbon division of Energy Assets, has launched an asset management solution to help EV fleet operators and private hire companies grow their EV charge point capacity with no upfront cost.

Their proposition makes it easy for businesses running commercial fleets to establish charging hubs without any capital expenditure while benefiting from EA NZ’s expert design, installation, and maintenance support. Under the arrangement, EA NZ owns and manages the technology in exchange for monthly rental payments.

“We know that there are a number of design, installation and compliance hoops to jump through for operators looking to provide EV charging depots for their fleets, whether that’s for deliveries, private hire or taxi services,” says Stewart Love, Managing Director of EA NZ.

“Thanks to our in-house expertise and track record in asset management, utilities construction and network adoption, we’re uniquely placed to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ covering everything from financing to network connection, charge point installation and operation. We think of it as ‘charge points as a service’, where everything is delivered through a rental agreement, with no upfront costs whilst unlocking access to high-quality, cost-effective charging technology.”

Future-proofed technology

EA NZ offers a mix of rapid-fast and ultra-fast EV charging units from 7kW to 360kW. A digital dashboard provides site operators with 24/7 access to charge point data, consumption reporting and management information.

Says Stewart: “The direction of travel is firmly towards the electrification of vehicles, and fleet operators are increasingly investing in more sustainable transportation to reflect their own environmental commitments and meet the expectations of their customers.

“Importantly, our asset management model means there’s no risk of ‘stranded’ technology because we own the charge point infrastructure – and there’s also a revenue generation opportunity where the service is provided to contracted providers.”

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