British automotive manufacturers are amongst the largest and most rapid adopters of the latest projected safety signage, according to one of the technology’s leading providers.

Newcastle-based Projected Image have reported growing use of projected safety signs in car factories and by manufacturers of automotive components across the UK.

“We’ve been working with Mercedes Benz and other leading car brands to help boost safety in their factories. Automotive manufacturing is fast moving and stoppages are costly, so it’s perhaps little surprise they’re keen to adopt a solution which helps keep their workforce even safer” says Ian Spoors, Managing Director of Projected Image.

Projected Image supplies LED projectors which shine vivid health and safety signs onto surfaces. The image is provided by a glass optical filter called a ‘gobo’ which can be customised to display any safety signage required.

The safety experts explain that projected signage tackles a number of challenges faced by the motor industry, including issues with low adhesion and heavy footfall or machinery traffic.

“Projected signs are particularly effective in automotive environments where vehicle liquids make it hard to paint lasting floor signs. There is no risk of flaky paint and heavy footfall or forklifts won’t damage or obscure them” says Ian.

Unlike traditional printed or painted signs, projected signage attracts more attention due to its luminosity (brightness) and can be projected onto high traffic areas such as walkways, reducing sign blindness.

Sign blindness is a term used to describe the tendency of people to overlook traditional printed or painted signs as they become more familiar with them. It can result in significant risks in factories and warehouses.

“A major issue in any work environment is that people can switch off to safety signage over time. The vehicle manufacturers we’ve supported tell us they have already seen a decrease in sign blindness due to their use of projected signs” adds Ian.

Projected Image have been involved in projection technology for several decades but have most recently experienced rapid growth in the popularity of projected safety signs.

They believe this is due to the decreasing costs of LED technology, its low energy consumption and health and safety professionals’ increasing willingness to find a solution to the challenges of traditional signage.

“The reason for the rapidly rising popularity of projected signs with car makers is the combination of cost and safety benefits. The technology is increasingly affordable, especially when a projected sign can provide consistently eye-catching signage up to 50,000 hours, with very little maintenance” concludes Ian.

In addition to top car brands, Projected Image have supplied projected signs to an increasing number of manufacturers in the UK, including Coca-Cola and BAE Systems. The firm is the country’s only dedicated provider of both LED sign projectors and the custom-made gobo used within them.

The compact and low-energy LED projectors can be installed by qualified electricians in any commercial or industrial environment.