A new working relationship with premium two-person delivery specialist Panther Logistics, part of AIT Worldwide Logistics, is reaping dividends for The Radiator Warehouse.

For the larger oversized items that Panther deliver, damages have fallen from 15-20 per cent to just one per cent since Panther was awarded the contract in September and Managing Director Dave O’Keefe said Panther was playing a vital role in the long-term growth of the company.

Every day the AIT Worldwide Logistics company collects orders from The Radiator Warehouse’s Preston depot, ready for next-day delivery UK-wide.

Ninety per cent of the deliveries are to consumers while the remaining 10 per cent are trade deliveries.

Customers also benefit from Panther’s suite of services which includes room of choice and removal of packaging.

Launched in 2023, the Radiator Warehouse, a part of the Luxus Design group of companies, was introduced with the aim of focusing on the company’s own high quality and affordable range of radiators and has since gone from strength to strength since first coming to market.

Dave said: “We initially used our previous logistics partner for the soft launch but when I knew we were ready to go full throttle I approached Panther for their expertise.”

Dave said one former provider delivered orders on a one-man service which was unsuitable with lots of damages. Another provider offered a two-man service but was not able to fulfil deliveries next-day throughout the UK.

Unlike all other providers Panther was able not only able to provide a next day service throughout the UK, they were also able to provide a returns service, delivering replacement items to the customer at the same time as collecting the original items being returned.

Dave said: “This is not a normal procedure in logistics and some of the logistics firms I spoke to didn’t get it. Panther on the other hand got it straight away.”

The Radiator Warehouse offers customer delivery between one and three days, safe in the knowledge Panther is able to deliver next day should an emergency arise.

“The final mile experience is incredibly important to us and the service Panther has provided since day one has been excellent. We are no longer receiving complaints from customers and the reduction in the damages is already resulting in massive savings.”

He added: “Whilst we are not one of Panther’s biggest clients, we believe potentially, over time we could be.

“Panther recognises the need to support our growth in these early days and we are confident that as we continue to scale up, they are the right logistics partner to support our journey.”