A bulk haulier says its transport management system (TMS) is making compliance easy while also saving time on planning.

BI Halder provides nationwide bulk haulage for the agricultural sector and is certified through TASCC, the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops. TASCC is recognised by the food industry as essential to maintaining the traceability of assured combinable crops after they have left the farm.

BI Halder can easily demonstrate compliance with TASCC thanks to its TMS from HaulTech. HaulTech simplifies the TASCC audit process, enabling BI Halder to store all the evidential information they need in one place.

“Traceability is extremely important for TASCC and HaulTech makes it easy,” said James Halder, transport manager at BI Halder. “TASCC compliance is built into HaulTech, which makes it very straightforward for us.”

Based in Driffield, East Yorkshire, BI Halder has been offering grain haulage for 55 years. The family-owned company provides nationwide bulk haulage under TASCC and is also certified on the Fertiliser Industry Assurance scheme.

HaulTech Executive Director, Clare Chidlow, says the TMS supports TASCC compliance by helping hauliers to evidence the job history of specific trailer loads, and provides strong sub-contractor certification documentation.

“Users can search for loads via trailer numbers for quicker audit evidence collection,” said Clare. “In addition, the system stores electronic copies of all documents to avoid paperwork being lost or incorrectly manually inputted.”

The TMS also links trailer and TASCC job ID numbers through a single point of data entry for faster transport planning, and features collection and delivery documentation to assist with accurate and timely invoicing. Outside of TASCC, the system further reduces administration time for hauliers – typically clients report a 40% saving in the time it takes to complete their tasks.

BI Halder uses the TMS for transport planning and also has HaulTech’s live vehicle tracking system. “HaulTech is very easy to use, and we like the fact that all the features are rolled into one system,” added James. “The tracking and the planning features work together very well.”

The tracking platform, HaulTech.Live, provides real time telematics and tachograph data, enabling the user to monitor and track drivers and vehicles. Functionality also includes remote tacho download.

“Tracking helps with traceability on TASCC but for us it is also invaluable for wider compliance,” said James. “HaulTech gives us real time information on how many hours a driver has left.

“Bulk haulage is a constantly changing environment, every day is different as you rarely have the same load twice on a bulker. HaulTech enables us to keep on top of it all in a fast-paced business. It is a reliable and user-friendly system that is well suited to our needs.”