Volvo’s new electric truck has been fitted to an exceptional standard with the latest Brigade equipment befitting for such an innovative vehicle.

The FE electric 19-tonne truck with a curtain side body is used as a demonstrator for customer trials and is fully Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliant.

Jon Warby, Fleet Solutions Manager for New Trucks, Volvo Truck & Bus South & East explained that all of their demonstration vehicles are specified to be DVS compliant and ready to go into London. He said: “Customers require our demonstrators to be DVS compliant.”

This truck has the most innovative side detection system currently on the market. Brigade’s Sidescan® Predict is an intelligent system is designed for collision avoidance between road vehicles, objects, and vulnerable road users.

Utilising ultrasonic technology, this intelligent system predicts if a collision is likely to occur. By analysing data such as speed, direction and acceleration of both the vehicle and detected object, and differentiating between static and moving objects, the Sidescan®Predict algorithm assesses the risk and calculates the likelihood of an impact.

Sidescan®Predict instantly alerts the driver to potential dangers via a multi-stage in-cab visual and audible warning system, according to the urgency of the situation – therefore minimising the number of audible alerts and reducing false alarms.

Jon said: “We like to be ahead with technology. Modern technology like our FE electric deserves new innovative safety equipment.”

Feedback on the Sidescan® Predict system, which is recognised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA) has been phenomenal. Jon said: “It is fantastic. There is nothing worse than something beeping too often and causing driver overload. Sidescan® Predict only beeps when it needs to. We have had no complaints so far from it, the customers really like it.

There was one instance where there was a car on the inside of me on a roundabout, I was in the right-hand lane, turning right. The Sidescan® Predict system alerted me and emphasised the need to look in the mirror.”

Also fitted to the Volvo Truck is Brigade’s four camera mobile digital recording system (MDR) to provide all-round visibility of the vehicle and digital footage in the event of an incident. Jon said: “When we are charging off site, some of the forecourts are not really designed for manoeuvring large trucks. The Brigade cameras enable us to see the blind spots and that is ideal for safely reversing.”

The systems were fitted by Brigade Service Partner (BSP) Commercial Safety Systems based in Wisbech, Cambridge. Will Gilbert, owner of Commercial Safety Systems, is passionate about equipment that is fitted to a high standard. He said: “We pride ourselves on supplying the best service and the equipment needs to look like it has been factory fitted. We spray all the cameras to match the vehicle livery and can create custom bracketry. We created special brackets for this curtain sider to provide a professional look and enhance the performance.”

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