In this brief article, Graham Rowlands, Managing Director at Devitech, discusses the importance of aftercare when delivering an (EV) electric vehicle charger installation.

Why EV charger aftercare is so important
Most EV chargers are extremely reliable, but, like all types of electrical equipment, they can develop faults. Whether you have a single charger or seven, it can be difficult to know what to do when something goes wrong. And that’s why providing aftercare should be considered an integral part of delivering an EV charger installation – not an optional extra.

Installation is only the first step in a working relationship
The EV charger installation market doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to aftercare and post-installation support. In most cases, any issues raised are categorised under ‘product warranty’, and installers then instruct clients to go through the tedious task of dealing with the manufacturer directly to deal with the problem.

The core reason for installing EV charge points is to provide a faultless service to clients, staff and visitors with minimal disruptions. Installation is only the first step in your working relationship with an EV charger installer.

Using an intelligent back-office system to monitor your EV chargers
For businesses looking to electrify their fleet, it goes without saying that an integrated, intelligent back-office management system plays a crucial role in controlling a location’s charging infrastructure.

Devitech uses Fuuse, a modular EV charging platform that allows you to take charge of your EV chargers. This system allows the Devitech team to monitor and maintain clients’ EV chargers. If something isn’t working quite right, Fuuse gives you the troubleshooting tools you need to get your EV charger back up and running. Depending on the severity of the issue, you can either fix the issue in-house using Fuuse’s troubleshooting support or send a Devitech specialist to your site.