Cambridgeshire-based Welch’s Transport has partnered with Optimize by The Algorithm People to reduce CO2 emissions across its entire fleet. Optimize’s proprietary technology has enabled Welch’s Transport to reduce emissions by up to 15 percent per vehicle by increasing the productivity and efficiency of each lorry and reducing mileage.

The partnership with Optimize is accelerating Welch’s journey to eliminate carbon emissions from its operations. By using Optimize’s artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse route data and predict the most efficient routes, Welch’s Transport is able to reduce mileage and emissions as well as improve fuel efficiency.

Following a successful pilot, Welch’s Transport is also utilising the Optimize technology to maximise efficiency in route planning for its new electric vehicle. The algorithms measure the available range in the vehicle’s battery compared to current traffic conditions to ensure full deployment of the electric vehicle in the most efficient way.

Chris Welch, Director of Welch’s Transport said: “By partnering with Optimize and Qargo we have been able to make rapid progress in improving our traffic office and route planning capability by leveraging technology. Collaboration is vital to create a sustainable haulage industry and accelerate our customer’s journey to net zero. We are proud to be disrupting the transport industry and one of the first hauliers to demonstrate how net zero can be achieved.”

Working with Optimize is just one of the many steps Welch’s Transport has taken to help Cambridgeshire businesses reduce their own emissions throughout the supply chain. Welch’s includes Greater Cambridge’s first emissions-free Urban Consolidation Centre (UCC) and one of the first fully electric Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) in the country. The UCC will support Cambridge businesses to achieve their net-zero goals by delivering clean, emissions-free last-mile deliveries with the electric HGV.

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