Supporting local authorities and Public Space Surveillance (PSS) system operators to combat the ever-increasing incidents of fly-tipping, UK manufacturer Vemotion, is promoting their range of low latency, plug & play, live video streaming solutions that can be used to provide highly secure and cost-effective wireless CCTV surveillance, for temporary or fixed camera surveillance monitoring.

Protecting the environment
Fly-tipping has seen significant year-on-year increases in the last decade, a trend underlined with Defra reporting councils in England had to deal with 1.13 million fly-tipping incidents in 2020/21, an increase of 16% over the previous year. Alongside an unwillingness by some to pay the proper disposal fee to dispose of their waste, the Environmental Services Association confirm that £924 million was spent in 2018/19 alone to investigate and clear incidents of fly-tipping.

Providing an effective solution to waste being illegally dumped, Vemotion streaming technology deployed within covert or overt surveillance cameras, can proactively help to discourage and catch perpetrators. High-quality images transmitted using Vemotion streaming technology, even over limited, rural communication networks, can be used to identify and fine offenders – to help reduce the scale of environmental crime across local authority areas.

Maximising budgets
Vemotion’s range of unique wireless video encoders and cameras enable a multitude of remote camera surveillance applications to be deployed beyond the economical reach of existing fixed cable CCTV networks. This flexibility allows organisations wanting to maximise their surveillance budgets and efficiency, to be more proactive at capturing the incidents of fly tipping (that typically occur beyond the reach of fixed CCTV infrastructure), with Vemotion live and recorded images available to view at a control room or by an authorised user with a smartphone. This means that operatives don’t need to be physically dispatched to retrieve footage from stand-alone recording cameras out in the field. This provides cost-savings on labour time, and simplifies and accelerates the issuing of fines, whilst providing a return on the investment in remote CCTV surveillance.

Whereas covert cameras can be deployed in rural applications to catch and prosecute offenders, overt cameras can be employed in more urban settings, to deter and reassure the public that the problem is being addressed. Due to the nature of the crime, catching an incident in more rural areas can take time, as authorities often need to wait for an incident to occur in a monitored area. So robust and reliable 24-hour recording and transmission of high-quality images when an incident does occur is essential.

SIM card savings
Compared to other streaming solutions, Vemotion streaming technology can provide substantial cost-of-ownership savings, as they do not require special SIM cards to operate, such as those with a fixed IP address. In fact, any mobile SIM card can be used to stream the best quality camera images available, allowing CCTV system operators to take advantage of the best performing local network coverage, allied to and the most economical SIM pricing plans.

Vemotion’s unique wireless video transmission can automatically transmit the best quality of camera images but without increasing costly bandwidth usage. This unique ability extracts the most efficient use of data from pre-paid SIM cards, yielding substantial cost savings for system operators, with data savings as high as 97% possible whilst retaining high-definition picture quality. And in the event of poor data connection, Vemotion images can also be stored locally and wirelessly downloaded for analysis later, so no vital footage is ever lost.

Delivering a range of flexible streaming options, Vemotion live HD video transmission can be used over GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G, Wi-Fi or Satellite networks, enabling live video surveillance and play-back solutions for any mobile, rapid deployment, temporary, or permanent deployment CCTV video surveillance application.

For further information about Vemotion’s comprehensive range of software and hardware wireless streaming solutions and Polecam deployable cameras designed to combat fly-tipping, Vemotion can be contacted on Tel: +44 (0) 330 097 2796, email:, or visit