Vivacity Labs, the London-based transport technology scaleup, was visited by Transport Minister, Trudy Harrison, last week to explore the future of transport and how AI and data insights can help tackle key issues such as congestion, road safety and sustainable travel across the UK.

Representatives from Vivacity Labs, including CEO Mark Nicholson, discussed the use of AI to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the road network is being used and for optimising signal control, as well as the applicability to solve future traffic problems. The Vivacity team demonstrated how its technology is solving real-world problems at scale, satisfying policy objectives with high quality, accurate, anonymous and secure data.

Trudy Harrison MP commented: “The potential for technology to transform our transport systems in the UK is vast, particularly when it comes to promoting active travel and prioritising safety and sustainability. The work that Vivacity Labs is doing goes a long way in providing detailed and reliable analysis to local authorities and decision makers.”

Vivacity’s sensors and ‘smart junctions’ signal control use artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather accurate, detailed and anonymous data 24/7 on transport modes, traffic flow and travel patterns, supporting strategic decisions to help optimise the transport network and improve urban infrastructure.

Mark Nicholson, CEO and Co-Founder at Vivacity Labs, added: “We’re proud to have had the opportunity to share the work that Vivacity Labs is doing with the DfT. Central, dedicated funding will be required to help authorities transition from old business models, try out new technologies and support data sharing. We look forward to working more closely with Trudy, and central and local governments across the UK to make our data-driven smart, safe and sustainable vision for transport a reality.”