Chris Curtin’s appointment as regional consultant representative in Scotland for BIFA – the British International Freight Association, completes the trade association’s regional team.

Chris joins four other regional representatives who support and engage with BIFA members across the UK and are the trade association’s ‘eyes and ears’ at a local level in each of its regions.

Chris has over 22 years’ experience in customs and logistics including operational, commercial and compliance activities.

He joined one of the UK’s leading port community system providers in 2011 and during his time there was liaison to major UK government agencies including HMRC, Border Force and Port Health during the implementation of key programmes such as UCC, CDS and Brexit.

Most recently, Chris has taken the role of head of Customs and Logistics services for DDC FPO, a leading outsourcing organisation and will combine this role with his work for BIFA.

BIFA Director General, Steve Parker comments: “We have made clear our strategy to further raise BIFA’s profile with our members as well as enhance engagement with them.

“With the appointment of Chris, we have completed a recruitment drive to strengthen and support our engagement with our members in Scotland and other parts of the UK; to ensure that their views reach all areas of the association; and are reflected in the work undertaken by the secretariat.

“I know that Chris is looking forward to working for BIFA’s members in Scotland, getting a better understanding of how BIFA can fulfil their requirements, whilst representing them in key forums, and ensuring their views are heard by key decision makers in the logistics environment.”