The current energy crisis was predicted in a landmark report recently published by an influential group of MPs in September 2021, The All-Party Parliamentary Group, Fair Fuel for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers.

The report – entitled ‘What does the 2030 fossil fuelled vehicle sales ban really mean to the economy, environment and UK’s 37m drivers?’ – warned that the United Kingdom was not going to deliver and lacks the capacity to supply its energy needs through the current strategy of ecologically driven ideology.

The report states: ‘You cannot build an entire reliable power grid around wind and solar power to fuel the replacement energy source to fossil fuelled vehicles.’

Now, with the increasing pressure on energy supplies, and skyrocketing gas prices, it is clear that the All-Party report was was not just prophetic, but also turned out to be correct, so much faster than anyone had predicted.

Craig Mackinlay MP, Chair of the All-Party Group, says:this energy crisis was predicted by us, and is, unfortunately, the result of environmental energy policies that have no chance of delivering a stable service. The result is massive increases in energy charges plus insecurity of supply. In this context, we have been proved correct in our warning that you cannot build an entire reliable power grid around wind and solar power to fuel the replacement of energy source of fossil fuelled vehicles. The Government simply must revise its incomprehensible obsession with ineffective ways to power transport – and the country as a whole – and revisit the energy agenda of the United Kingdom.”

“Having promised to end all coal powered energy generation by 1st October 2024 we’re heading for a collision course between supply and demand. Ironically, the biggest additional burden on the grid is the electric transport sector.  Instead of heralding a new age of zero emissions, electric vehicles are simply displacing where the emissions are being generated. Electric power makes emissions, just somewhere else. And meanwhile, the country creaks under the problems caused by the Government itself. And the direct result could be power cuts as well as soaring bills that will make families writhe in disbelief!”

Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK and Fair Fuel APPG Secretary, says: “The majority of UK drivers, already stomaching the highest motoring taxes in the world are mystified by the Government’s road transport and energy policies that will certainly cost them votes. Even more so, now that so many political eco chickens have come home to roost. With home charging of EVs to be restricted to stop the national grid crashing and now energy prices skyrocketing uncontrollably, who will pay? Not the metropolitan well-off clueless elite, no, it will be low-income families, small businesses, being hit by needless rising inflation, increased taxes, lost jobs, and that cliff edge un-consulted costly 2030 new vehicle sales ban. It all beggars belief!”

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