Last month, in addition to the 20 MPL Cadets already started in August, a further 10 joined TUI for their induction to the TUI MPL scheme. The first group have had three Supernumerary Flights to-dateĀ  and are currently preparing for their first set of ATPL exams.

Kathryn Cleaver, TUI Pilot Manager, said: “The first group of MPL cadets are all really enjoying the course so far and feedback from them has been really positive. The second group were very excited when they kicked off training this month and are looking forward to the challenge ahead of them.

“We will be welcoming more applicants in the new year. Those wishing to apply to the scheme need no prior flying experience, we are looking for hard working, committed and resilient individuals who are passionate about becoming a TUI pilot!”

As the scheme trains pilots without any upfront cost, the chosen cadets have the unique experience of entering the aviation world without having to self-fund their training. Normally, becoming a pilot is an expensive process, but the MPL scheme aims to give opportunities to people who wouldn’t normally have the chance to pursue their dreams and become the newest 737 pilots for TUI.

The scheme will reopen to applicants in January 2024. Full details can be found here: