TRL strongly believes that the UK’s rural areas should be included in the Government’s transport strategy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that urban living may now be less desirable for those no longer required to work by attending offices in ‘central’ locations. This shift could increase rural demand for living and local travel, as well as the travel that connects people to mass-transit hubs which serve larger urban centres. Because of the fundamental issue of lower population density in rural areas, now, and in the future, a transport system that focuses on matching supply to demand in real-time will be required.

To successfully deliver better transport outcomes, rural areas urgently need focussed research, development and trials, particularly for:

• The way that information can be captured, shared, and utilised so that the privacy of individuals is respected and is secure against attack, developed in parallel with the detailed technical standards and techniques that enable it
• The underlying connectivity infrastructure and platforms and apps which people will use to interact with the transport system
• Any new business models (e.g. involving new transport modes such as micro e-car hire)

If you would like to speak with a TRL expert about the Rural Strategy or its recommendations in response, please contact Maddie Wibberley via to organise a call.