Pall-Ex Group, a leading pallet distribution network, is proud to announce the launch of the Pall-Ex Group Charitable Foundation, a dedicated platform to support charitable initiatives and extend its commitment to making a positive impact in local communities.

The foundation will be overseen by the Pall-Ex Group Board of Directors and selected members of the pallet network, who will serve as trustees, ensuring that the organisation’s charitable endeavours remain transparent, accountable, and aligned with the company’s values.

One of the foundation’s primary initiatives is the continuation of the penny-a-pallet scheme, which was initiated during the network’s first year of operation. This program sees one penny from every pallet processed through their hubs donated to charitable causes, which has seen the UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health, Combat Stress, receive in excess of £40,000 in donations from the Group in recent years. Going forward, all funds generated by this scheme will be directed to the Pall-Ex Group Charitable Foundation to be distributed to Combat Stress and other charity partners.

As part of their commitment to supporting charitable causes that matter most to its employees and members, the foundation offers a unique platform where staff and network members can request donations for causes close to their hearts. Requests for charitable donations are systematically reviewed by the Charitable Foundations trustees on a monthly basis. By involving its employees and members in the decision-making process, they aim to create a more inclusive and dynamic approach to charitable giving.

From supporting local charities to sponsoring sports teams and reaching out to those in need, the foundation provides the structure and resources necessary to make a meaningful difference in the world. Since the foundation was launched at the start of August, Pall-Ex Group has offered its support to a number of local and national initiatives, including a £1,000 donation to the British Heart Foundation, and contributing over £1,300 to a staff members’ fundraiser which saw them brave the shave for GEMS Charity in Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Kevin Buchanan, CEO of Pall-Ex Group, commented, “The Pall-Ex Group Charitable Foundation is an exciting new chapter in our journey to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. By consolidating our charitable efforts under this dedicated umbrella, we are better equipped to respond to the diverse needs of our employees, members, and the wider community. Our commitment to social responsibility is now more structured, transparent, and efficient, ensuring that the funds we allocate go to excellent causes across the country.”

The foundation marks a significant milestone in Pall-Ex Group’s ongoing efforts to give back and fulfil its corporate social responsibilities.

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