Entrepreneurs change the world we live in.
It’s their visions, dreams, ideas and determination, which enable
advancements in every industry that affect our lives. All of which have lead to
the substantial developments that exist in the world we live in.

They’re always looking at the bigger picture, tackling issues, solving problems
and bringing people together by continuously thinking how they can improve,
fix or revolutionize anything that they come across during their daily lives.
Healthcare, Technology, Finance, Transportation, Communications, Logistics,
Mining, Retail and Distribution channels are all affected, by their innovations
and inspirational drive to develop the world.

They go through every experience listening carefully and observing intensely,
until then utilizing their various skillsets to improve the next sector in our

This couldn’t be more spot on than for an exceptional entrepreneur named
Marc Cowan. A passionate, inquisitive, creative and adventurous 26 year old
who’s already taken the logistics industry by storm, separating him from
others in a spectacular way.

He’s known as the “Logistical Entrepreneur” with multiple achievements
across different sectors, which all have required various types of logistical
break-through’s which all have allowed him to rise to the top of his field.

At the young age of 14, Mr. Cowan would always recognize areas he could
improve in the world or discover niches to conquer and took it upon himself to
do so. Creating a hugely successful website in the process with hundreds of
visitors everyday for advice online, equipped with staff and volunteers. He
then continued to offer hosting space and a bespoke web design service to
create these similar websites for others.

Marc continued his success by studying across three continents in the UK,
USA & China. One of which was possible after receiving a scholarship from
the UK government for individuals of exceptional ability. He was one of the
very few selected from thousands of applicants, across the entire country
including others from Oxford, Cambridge and Durham Universities.

In an exceptional fashion, Marc was then selected and voted in by the other
100 attendees, beating many others in the process for the opportunity to
speak in front of the Vice-Chairman of Congress for education in China. It was
there he discussed the importance of ties between each country and ensuring
business remains prominent in the younger generations with a focus on

Marc continued to then start the first ever (now flourishing) fraternity in the UK
with a focus on Entrepreneurship and philanthropic activities, in addition he
developed a hugely successful Blackberry Security application, raised over
$7000 through multiple events he headed, after his mum was diagnosed with
Cancer, as well as travelling to over 30 countries before he was 21.
Furthermore, Marc was short-listed for an award for the most enterprising
individual for his age, nominated for combatting numerous logistical
challenges along the way.

Marc Cowan has certainly achieved a substantial amount in his early years for
someone of his age. However, it was afterwards where he excelled and rose
to the top of his field by utilizing his passion for logistics and an acute eye for
improving everything around him.

This included receiving multiple awards in the process, which displayed his
significant contributions and advancements within the logistics industry. One
of his awards included the Exceptional Business Development & Logistics
award by the prestigious 30-year-old organization JLE, which plays a valuable
role to create leaders within the UK and has been recognized by the Prime

It originally began when key Executive’s and CEO’s started to notice Marc, for
his outstanding contributions. Including creating his own logistical data
security procedure for personal desktops & systems with a strategic
placement of data.

This lead to him being headhunted by one of the worlds leading Data Security
companies, who’s responsible for multi-national Fortune 500 companies,
including names such as IKEA and many more.
Mr. Cowan continued to focus on the tiny details, which were missed by other
employees, leading to him deciphering huge potential problem areas, which
left many companies susceptible to substantial data losses.
Combatting yet another logistical challenge, Marc created his own
breakthrough with a system named the “Three Spoke System” in order to
combat security flaws, which ensured companies were protected at all times,
against some of the most complex of threats.

This system was then implemented across many other high profile companies
held by the firm, which positioned Marc as one of the most influential experts
within the world of the strategic logistical placement for data security, which
protected thousands of terabytes around the globe.

Following this, Marc continued to implement his logistical entrepreneurship to
combat many other sectors. This included the Consumer products market with
one of the most successful selling products in the 7-year history of the hugely
popular TV program Shark Tank with the product Drop Stop. It was there he
implemented an innovative strategy, with carefully planned logistics to create
a simultaneous buzz across hundreds of websites, selling thousands of
products in the process and continuing with the careful distribution of them
across the world.

Marc then turned his focus towards the intricate distribution of tropical fish
around the world, which is an industry he’s always had a passion for, ever
since wanting to be a marine biologist at a young age.
Snatched up by a leading importer of tropical fish, it wasn’t long until Mr.
Cowan had implemented dramatic advances again, within the logistics of this
industry too. He began by researching the entire distribution of tropical fish
around the world and their logistical processes. It was then when he used his
strategic expertise to streamline multiple processes together, whilst utilizing
newer technologies to create a revolutionary system, all while ensuring the
data security standards were upheld to highest level of protection.

The Georgia Aquarium, one of the world’s largest aquariums recognized this
research as substantial breakthrough of major significance to the industry.
Finally, Mr. Cowan is now recognized as the highest-ranking member for his
age, in the prestigious Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation in
the UK. This was after being selected by a panel of influential experts, all of
which recognized his outstanding contributions and improvements to the
industry. This has also allowed him to hold the prestigious title as No.1 from
over 17,000 other members in the UK for his age. Marc has also been
awarded a fellowship at the Institute of Supply Chain Management, of which
only 8 others hold the same title from 3000 other members. Along with being
invited to be a Judge on the well-respected and prestigious Stevie awards,
which is similar to an Oscars or Emmys but for business professionals around
the world.

Everyone goes through challenges, some of them hold us back and some of
them excel us to propel forward. Marc Cowan has certainly had his fair share
of hardships, however he is an individual who not only get’s up and keeps
going, but does so in an exceptional fashion.
Marc’s journey, has been one of not only an over achieving entrepreneur, but
one of an exceptional individual who has risen to the top in an outstanding
way, with multiple achievements whilst being recognized by many other
experts in the logistics field.

As a mover and a shaker in this world, who finds excitement in improving
everything around him. We’re excited to see what the future holds, as he
continues to impact the world in such a positive manner.