SUEZ has boosted its sustainability credentials and supercharged its employee benefits provision thanks to the introduction of a green-focussed salary sacrifice car scheme from Tusker.

Offered to employees as an additional company benefit, but not as a replacement for the SUEZ company car scheme, Tusker’s salary sacrifice scheme was introduced to widen the accessibility of vehicles to employees that might not have been eligible for a vehicle otherwise.

After a lengthy tender process, Tusker was selected thanks to its long-standing position in the marketplace, the clarity of its offering as well as the employer and employee protections offered by its schemes. Tusker’s proven ability to implement its schemes across multiple stakeholders in larger corporations was a further inducement for SUEZ, which needed to ensure a smooth roll-out process for its 5700 plus employees in the UK.

Working in conjunction with a variety of internal teams from Reward to Communications, Tusker and SUEZ ensured that the salary sacrifice car scheme focussed on EVs. By building an EV-based policy, it not only aided SUEZ in working towards its sustainability goals, but also helped employees to access affordable new vehicles thanks to the favourable Benefit in Kind (BIK) rates on Ultra Low Emissions vehicles.

Michelle Sutton, Head of Compensation and Reward at SUEZ commented “Working with Tusker to implement this car benefit scheme could not have been more straightforward or seamless. It was important to SUEZ to introduce a benefit that aligned with our sustainability values, while supporting our employees with a benefit that would lower living costs for as many as possible.”

“The salary sacrifice car benefit scheme will aid our staff retention and employee engagement by offering our staff the chance to get behind the wheel of a brand new, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly vehicle. Better still, with no upfront deposit needed and all possible expenses covered by one monthly payment, the maximum number of employees possible have been made eligible for this scheme, especially lower earners.” Added Michelle.

Paul Gilshan, CEO at Tusker commented “Working with a recognised specialist in the environmental sector, which selected Tusker on the strength of our own environmental credentials has been a pleasure. The employee engagement with the scheme from within SUEZ has been fantastic, and we are on course to deliver an impressive number of EVs by the end of 2023.”