Leading lorry tension curtain manufacturers Structure-flex have begun donating surplus materials to conservationists Bee Saviour Behaviour to help create homes for the UK’s endangered bee population.

The company is donating off-cuts of PVC covered fabric to fellow Norfolk-based charitable organisation to turn into bee hotels. The material forms a protective layer around the bee hotel, with eyes in the fabric providing an easy way to suspend them in bee-friendly locations.

The Bee Saviour Behaviour bee hotels have been designed for use in community workshops online and across Norfolk this summer. The workshops will launch as part of The Royal Society’s Summer Science 2021 programme with participants taking part from across Norfolk, the UK and the world as far afield as Tokyo.

“It’s great to have Structure-flex helping with our new bee hotel designs. They will be put together by volunteers in both online and in-person workshops” states Dan Harris, the social entrepreneur behind Bee Saviour Behaviour.

“July’s Royal Society Summer Science workshop already has 75 online participants signed up and we can’t wait to show everyone how easy and effective it is to make their very own bee hotel with the help of Structure-flex’s material.”

Bee hotels typically consist of a bundle of hollow canes in which bees can make their home and breed. If unprotected, the tubes can fill with rainwater and threaten the offspring inside, so Structure-flex’s thermoplastic fabric is providing the ideal weatherproof jacket.

As of March 2020, there are eight species of bees present in the UK added to the endangered species list, including two types of Bumblebee.

“It’s horrible to hear of the plight of the Great British bee population due to destruction of habitats and fewer wildflower meadows” says Paul Reeve, Managing Director of Structure-flex.

“The materials we use are tough enough for hard working lorries, so it’s great to think any surplus can be used to give busy bees the same protection!”

Bee Saviour Behaviour’s mission is to help save the UK’s bees by making cities more bee friendly and biodiverse through innovative products, events and campaigns. They run regular workshops and events in Norfolk and beyond to demonstrate the simple things everyone can do, make or monitor to help their local bees.

Structure-flex specialises in manufacturing products from flexible plastics using high-frequency welding. As well as being the UK’s leading suppliers of lorry tension curtains, they provide a range of products including proof load test bags for cranes, air lift bags for the diving industry and flood barriers.

Bee Saviour Behaviour’s first community workshop is online as part of The Royal Society Summer Science 2021 programme on 11th July with further workshops planned. More details can be found at: www.saviourbees.co.uk

More details of Structure-flex can be found at: www.structure-flex.co.uk