• Bicester Heritage’s Flywheel event is back for the first time since 2018
  • The sole-surviving Bristol Blenheim L6739 to fly into its grass airfield as part of its flagship Flywheel event
  • Bicester Heritage is based on a former bomber station site for Bristol Blenheim aircraft
  • High-resolution images of the Bristol Blenheim, including original imagery from the period, can be downloaded here

Exactly 79 years to the day since a Bristol Blenheim last flew out of RAF Bicester in active service, Bicester Heritage can confirm that the sole-surviving airworthy Blenheim will be leading the aviation display at its flagship Flywheel event on the 17th and 18th of June.

The aircraft is the last Mk.I Blenheim known to exist anywhere in the world and it is the only Blenheim of any Mk still in airworthy condition, a suitably spectacular accolade as part of the best-preserved WW2 RAF bomber base’s ten-year anniversary celebrations.

Bicester Heritage is based on the site of RAF Bicester, a former bomber station for Bristol Blenheim aircraft during the second World War. On the 28th February 1944, the final 13 OUT Blenheim flew out of the RAF base for good.

The Blenheim that the nose section belonged to (L6739) rolled out of the factory on the 11th of July 1939. It then entered service on 2nd September 1939, one day after the Second World War officially commenced. The aircraft served as a night fighter with RAF 23 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

The aircraft was restored by Aircraft Restoration Company (ARCo) at Duxford in a restoration spanning 11 years and over 25,000 man hours. It is owned, maintained and operated by Aircraft Restoration Company.

Flywheel will see a host of classic motoring marques join the displays along the tree-lined avenues of the historic site. Fans of vintage flight can expect an equally spectacular showcase, with a broad range of historic aircraft set to grace the site’s grass airfield – winding back the years and commemorating the site’s heritage as an RAF Blenheim Bomber training station.