Award-winning landscaping supplier Green-tech has planted the seeds for further success by streamlining its logistics processes through an integrated freight management system with international shipping software specialist SmartFreight.

Green-tech turned to SmartFreight, part of the WiseTech Global group, a leading developer and provider of software solutions to the logistics industry, to boost warehouse efficiency. The company also wanted to enhance the tracking facility for its huge range of landscaping materials and wholesale garden supplies used on high-profile sites across the UK.

As well as sourcing the best transport solution, SmartFreight’s technology provides financial reconciliation, eliminates duplication of freight details and invoices, consolidates consignments and gross profit calculations as well as enabling client and customer tracking – a synchronisation of data which meant Green-tech could remove manual intervention and increase productivity.

Resolving tracking issues with its pallet providers was one of Green-tech’s primary requirements, and this is where integrating with SmartFreight stands out, according to Communications Manager, Lesley Spence. She says: “We wanted to improve our communication with customers on deliveries and we wanted a simple solution that was easy to use.

“Integration with our back-office system has been our biggest hurdle. Some carriers are very ‘old school’ and don’t use the best solution for tracking and transferring data. We found that there were very few companies that offered tracking for all our courier providers, whereas SmartFreight was willing to integrate with them all.”

The growing partnership with SmartFreight has proved very fruitful adds Lesley, who concludes: “Our customer service has without question improved and the tracking facility has been very well received. We are faster to react to any issues a customer faces. We have also significantly improved our shipping processes and the associated costs.”

SmartFreight’s willingness to add additional carriers without cost also won over Green-tech, which is able to eliminate the need to access multiple carrier systems by integrating all options into one easy-to-use portal. The responsibility for processing labels and dispatch now rests with Green-tech’s warehouse team who decide who orders will go with and how they are processed.

Natasha Jones, SmartFreight’s European Channel Manager, says: “Our platform automatically selects the optimal shipping choice based on parameters set by the customer such as best price, route, service time or lowest carbon footprint – saving businesses money and scoring environmental points by helping them to strike the right balance between customer expectations and commercial needs.”

Founded in Sydney with thriving distribution networks in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa, SmartFreight’s experienced team provides considerable logistics and technical expertise. Its tracking solutions are used worldwide and address traditional bricks and mortar, B2C and B2B customers across all industries including blue-chip organisations.

The need for total supply chain visibility and transparency is a necessity for businesses. SmartFreight provides clients like Green-tech with an agnostic optimisation selection from their chosen transport providers, coupled with client branded end-to-end tracking visibility and final transport provider invoice reconciliation.

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