Train tech start-up Seatfrog has introduced new financial wellbeing support for its employees  – helping them save hundreds of pounds each on their household bills.

Seatfrog is on a mission to revolutionise train travel, making it easier to book cheap tickets, switch to first class and change train times with minimal hassle. The app has saved more than a million customers over £62m on train travel to-date.

Seatfrog already offers its 40 employees a range of competitive benefits, including childcare support, private health care, and a four-day working week. Now, the company is offering employees membership to AI employee money-saving tool, saving them significant sums on their bills. 

Nous automates the hassle of finding fair deals for energy, broadband, mobile and mortgages and handles the headache of switching to cheaper providers – saving members time, energy and money.

During a tailored onboarding process, Seatfrog employees used Nous tools to find out how much they were overpaying on their bills. So far Nous has been able to find savings opportunities worth an average of £594 per Seatfrog employee.

For some team members, the savings opportunities were worth more than £1,000.

The rollout comes at a time when rising prices are the number one source of concern for UK employees. 4 in 10 energy bill payers are struggling to afford payments and three quarters of HR leaders fear the cost of living crisis is affecting employee performance.

Alex Slater, Head of People at Seatfrog, comments:

“Our package of wellbeing support is something we pride ourselves on at Seatfrog.

“We’re committed to creating a supportive culture where our people can do their best work – and that means helping them with the things that impact their daily lives.

“Some of the benefits already on offer include a four-day working week, plus healthcare options to take care of our team and their families.

“With the rising cost of living hitting us all, we knew we wanted to support employees’ financial wellbeing too.

“With Nous, our team is able to save substantial sums on their bills. Plus it takes the headache of dealing with household admin off their plates.”

Greg Marsh, CEO and co-founder of, said:

“As a company, it’s clear Seatfrog takes saving money and getting fair deals seriously. It’s what the business is built on. So we’re really pleased to be able to offer significant savings on household bills back to its employees.

“As well as improving employees’ financial wellbeing, we’re also taking the headache of managing bills and contracts off their hands. We often hear from members that peace of mind is just as important as financial benefits.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing HR leaders focusing their efforts on supporting their employees with the things that really matter to them. Nous is in a unique position to help by putting money straight into people’s pockets and directly tackling the problem of soaring bills.”

Nous has already helped over 375,000 households and employees of more than 70 companies tackle the rising cost of living and save money. Nous typically finds savings worth up £400 to £500 per person per year or more across energy, mortgage, broadband and mobile. Through Nous for Business, employers can give Nous membership to their teams, allowing companies to make employees better off by bringing down their bills.