Leading temperature-controlled transportation specialist, Pulleyn is celebrating 25 years in delivering its end-to-end logistics, packing, and storage services for Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras from around the world.

During this time, Pulleyn has partnered with 15 of the world’s most revered orchestras, including the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, and The Cleveland Orchestra, just to name a few.

The company’s proactive approach and deep understanding of the ever-changing tour landscape has guaranteed the flawless execution of countless tours for customers, enabling them to carry out performances across Europe seamlessly and without delay.

Pulleyn’s team, which is headed by Scott Pulleyn, has dedicated itself to optimising travel plans and routes, ensuring compliance, and enabling access to various concert halls throughout Europe, all to ensure the success of each orchestra’s tour.

Across almost three decades, the temperature-controlled transportation expert has handled and delivered priceless instruments and orchestra equipment on behalf of its customers, providing dedicated temperature-controlled transport and secure instrument storage solutions.

Pulleyn has also offered bespoke advice and assistance with route planning, timings, and management of customs clearance for transporting equipment into both the EU and non-EU countries. The company has recently secured a European solution to ensure a seamless service for orchestras touring into the EU.

To enable the safe transportation of orchestral equipment across the UK and EU,
Pulleyn has put its trust in refrigerated truck and trailer manufacturers Chereau and Carrier Transicold, which has been a long-standing partner of over 20 years.

With maintaining a constant internal temperature throughout the entire journey a high priority, Pulleyn’s fleet of City trailers with tail lifts and 26 tonne trucks and high-spec Chereau trailers are fitted with real-time temperature monitoring to ensure a consistent temperature with heating systems installed/fitted to protect instruments in the colder months. Due to the high-value nature of the orchestral instruments, each vehicle is also fitted with a number of cutting-edge security devices from immobilisers to alarm systems to provide optimum security.

Recognising the critical importance of appropriate packaging, Pulleyn also ensures that all instruments are meticulously packed in purpose-built cases within its vehicles, safeguarding them from damage during long-distance tours.

Reflecting on the company’s long service within the orchestra sector Scott Pulleyn said: “Since we embarked on our first European tour with the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra in the mid-2000s, Pulleyn has become synonymous with excellence in orchestra transportation – helping to ensure the seamless execution of tours and performances throughout the UK and Europe.

“We are delighted to have reached a 25-year milestone working with some of the best-known orchestras across the globe, providing dedicated end-to-end temperature-controlled transport and secure instrument storage solutions on behalf of this community as well as ensuring their priceless instruments reach their destinations safely and on time.

“A fully loaded orchestra could be invaluable, as its instruments are often made from rare materials such as Ivory, Brazilian Rosewood or animal skins, therefore ensuring product integrity from the first point of pick up through to installation is critical to reducing damages and adhering to pre-planned timescales.”

Scott continued: “To facilitate this, we have put in place a robust strategy that is built upon decades of experience, comprising meticulous planning, safety-led packaging solutions, as well as the utilisation of state-of-the-art temperature-controlled vehicles and security systems for continuous surveillance and protection – in many ways our offering has developed to such a point where no stone is left unturned.

“Our drivers, all of which are fully employed by Pulleyn, are also all highly trained and experienced in the safe handling and loading/unloading of valuable and delicate instruments. Equally, they each have an in-depth understanding of international regulations and how to execute an ATA Carnet, which is vitally important as there is no room for error when completing customs clearance documentation, even more so from the EU into a non-EU country.

“While we are incredibly proud of our rich history in serving the orchestral community, we still remain wholly dedicated to delivering an exceptional service to our world-renowned orchestral customers. As such, we very much look forward to continuing our work in providing a seamless transportation solution to this incredible sector in the years to come.”

Rebecca Vineyard, Director of Touring & Operations at The Cleveland Orchestra also added: “Having toured with Pulleyn since 2010, their in-depth knowledge of dynamic and evolving situations has been invaluable in the successful execution of our tours over the years.

“Not only have we been able to rely on their punctuality and meticulous care of our irreplaceable, world-class cargo, but we have also benefited from their intimate knowledge of each venue and its peculiarities.  Another vital aspect to our successful partnership has been Pulleyn Transport’s familiarity and compliance with the demanding regulations of the EU countries we visit. 

“In many ways, Scott Pulleyn and his team have become an indispensable partner for the success of The Cleveland Orchestra’s tours, as they have enabled us to access and perform at concert halls throughout Europe with which we are less familiar. At every turn, and in every aspect, working with Scott and his team of drivers has been a great experience and we appreciate our ongoing collaboration.”

Rebecca continued: “We are looking forward to continuing our successful partnership with Pulleyn once again this year as we embark on our 2024 European tour from late August to early September which will take us to six cities across five different countries.”