A leading provider of reconditioned pallets says it has enhanced customer service after upgrading its transport management system (TMS).

B&M Pallet Services supplies new and reconditioned pallets, along with ancillary services such as pallet recycling and managing wood waste, as well as plastic pallets to both the trade and industry.

Founded by Brian Martin, the Wellingborough-based company has offered a same day and next day delivery and collection service, across Northamptonshire and its surrounding areas.

Running seven trucks, the company has used the Mandata Go TMS for several years, but recently upgraded to Mandata GoPlus.

David Hunter, transport manager at B&M Pallets, said: “Mandata Go enabled us to move to a paperless system which completely removed the risk of paperwork getting lost or damaged. Overall, it is a great system; I use every facet of Mandata GoPlus in my job and find it invaluable.

“Going paperless was a huge benefit to our business,” added David. “Proof of delivery is digital, time-stamped and with the GPS location, which all makes answering customer queries much quicker. We also hold the ISO 9001 quality management accreditation, so having a robust TMS like Mandata Go Plus helps us record and evidence our quality processes.”

“We are always on the lookout for ways to further improve customer service, which is why we recently upgraded to GoPlus. On top of all the benefits of Mandata Go, it enables us to provide our customers with accurate ETAs. I really like the fact that this feature is customisable so you can set your own parameters for when and how these customer notifications are sent out.

“Another key benefit for our customers is automated receipt of proof of delivery, which is also customisable. Some of our clients don’t want their warehouse staff to know the details of the financial transactions. In these instances, we can automate proof of delivery to the warehouse and still send the full invoice to the accounts team. This keeps everyone in the loop, but they only get the information relevant to their job.”

Mandata GoPlus, a TMS for small and medium sized haulage businesses, creates and emails invoices to the user’s factoring company or customers, helping haulage and logistics companies to improve cash flow. It provides automated, live job progress emails, ePODs and ETA updates keeping everyone informed.

Users can also build their own dashboard views using an extensive set of KPIs to monitor business performance. In addition, says Mandata, GoPlus offers seamless integration with all Mandata enhancement apps, pallet network systems and other third-party software including accounts, warehouse, and customer ERP systems simplifying processes for hauliers.