With the UK experiencing shortages in HGV drivers – leading to challenges in supply chains – P4D has a viable, digital solution to help hauliers find drivers and send full loads across the UK and Europe.

Following the impacts of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in the UK have struggled to meet supply demands due to the lack of HGV drivers. Not only has this had a significant impact on end customers, it has also created financial disruption for many hauliers and businesses that rely on open supply lines.

In response, the UK government has introduced schemes and incentives to bring new HGV drivers into the industry. But this does not fill the gaps that currently exist, leaving businesses with few options to keep their goods moving.

P4D’s digital freight solution offers capacity and choice for full load and pallet delivery rate services, allowing businesses to quickly find drivers in these difficult times..

Their comparison engine, connected to over 80,000 hauliers, finds capacity and prices for full truck loads within 6 seconds, so businesses can compare prices from hauliers and present options for customers to find the most relevant solution for them.

As well as UK to UK deliveries, P4D connects to international partners offering road freight solutions to the EU, as well as Sea Freight and Air Freight options for those requirements further afield. For businesses that rely on international freight to China and the US, this is integral to keeping supply lines open.

Fraser Harper, CEO of P4D, stated: “As a country we are experiencing one of the worst logistical crises of a generation. The impacts of COVID-19 and lack of European drivers post-Brexit have severely hampered the ability of the haulage industry to deliver at critical times, leaving many businesses vulnerable.”

“We’re proud to have a widely connected digital solution in the market that can enable businesses to get their goods from A to B. The solution gives businesses the option to find a truck, a driver, and a partner to fulfil their requirements. By fostering close relationships with hauliers across the continent, we are able to share their rates and services with our customers, giving them greater choice and capacity.”

Find out more: https://www.p4d.co.uk/driver-shortage-alternatives