Industry-leading IT asset disposition (ITAD) provider Vyta has future-proofed its fleet of specialist vehicles by becoming the first company in Northern Ireland to take delivery of MAN’s new state-of-the-art high-end truck with an advanced cutting-edge mirror-replacement system.

Two new MAN OptiView vehicles have been added to Vyta’s 12-strong fleet that provides customers across Ireland and the United Kingdom with the sustainable, secure and compliant collection, processing, resale and recycling of their redundant IT assets as well as on-site hard drive shredding.

The OptiView system improves safety and visibility while also contributing to improved fuel efficiency, with the replacement of traditional, bulky mirrors with streamlined cameras reducing air drag on the vehicles, which leads to less carbon emissions.

Philip McMichael, Vyta founder and CEO, said:

“Becoming the first company in Northern Ireland to introduce vehicles with such cutting-edge technology reinforces Vyta’s position in the market as a trusted, forward thinking IT asset disposition provider.

“We are continually looking for opportunities to enhance the service we offer customers. Partnering with MAN on vehicles with the OptiView system further strengthens our commitment to security and sustainability, which are vital elements of the Vyta approach.”

Offering close-range, wide-angle and blind spot displays, the OptiView cameras increase the driver’s field of vision, providing an optimum overview of the traffic situation surrounding the vehicle, especially when performing critical actions such as manoeuvring, turning and lane changes.

Mounted internally, on the inside of the vehicle’s A-pillars, where a driver would expect to see traditional mirror images, are digital screens that display high-definition, live feed data from around the vehicle.

The forward-facing camera sends its imagery to a 12-inch screen that it shares with the satellite navigation system, which is mounted in the centre of the dashboard.

Headquartered in Newtownabbey and with sites across Ireland and Great Britain, Vyta specialises in IT Asset Disposition services, including data wiping, refurbishment and resale. It also offers onsite shredding hard drives and other data bearing media through its DiskShred service.

Mr McMichael added:

“The initial feedback from our drivers has been hugely positive, with the new technology improving their fields of vision and reducing blind spots on the kerbside. Traditional mirrors have served businesses well, but the OptiView mirror-replacement system means we are future-proofing our vehicle fleet.

“That will support us in continuing to provide our award-winning IT disposition solutions, helping organisations stay compliant while meeting sustainability and carbon reduction targets.

“These new trucks have replaced two older MAN vehicles that have served us well for six years.

“At Vyta we are dedicated to reducing our own carbon footprint as well as that of our clients. For this reason, all de-fleeted vehicles go through a series of workshop checks in a process very similar to our own for Asset Disposition, before being serviced and reconditioned where appropriate, and finally passing on to enjoy a new lease of life and purpose with their next owner.”

Specified individually and built to meet the needs of the business, both new vehicles are powered by the latest generation of lightweight, Euro6e-compliant engines.

The Euro6e emission standard, an update to the Euro6, maintains stringent limits on key pollutants like nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons, and particulate matter. These standards are crucial for reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality, a part of Vyta’s ESG commitment.