• New survey reveals 14% of drivers would drive away if they hit a parked car and no one was around to witness it.
  • 34% would only do so if they had time and paper – despite it being illegal to abscond.
  • Londoners worst – while South West and Scottish motorists are the best.
  • SAS Who Dares Wins star Jason Fox highlights the danger and the solution.

LONDON, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — New research reveals the shocking number of UK drivers who are comfortable illegally leaving the scene of a collision with a parked car.

A survey of 2,000 motorists carried out by Dash Cam manufacturer Nextbase asked if they would take action if they damaged a parked car and nobody was around to witness it.

52% of drivers said, “Yes, no matter what”, while 34% said “Yes – but only if I had time and paper on hand”, while 14% said “no”.

Motorists in Scotland and the South West are the most likely to leave a note – with 62% saying they would do so no matter what, compared to just 39% of London drivers, who were the least likely in the country.

The research has also revealed the potential impact that having a dinged-up car has on people’s perception of you – let alone your no-claims bonus.

15% of motorists said that seeing someone’s dented car would indicate that “they can’t be trusted”. Four fifths (39%) said it would indicate that they were careless and a third (34%) said it would indicate they were struggling financially.

Far worse can happen to parked cars: Home Office data revealed that just 4.98% of car thefts last year resulted in anyone being charged.

Jason Fox commented:

“You can never be too cautious about your car when you leave it parked. Scratches, bangs, dents caused by other drivers, careless trolley users, vandals and thieves is what you are up against in safeguarding the look and value of one of your most expensive possessions. This is why Nextbase dash cams are so great – they offer protection 24/7, with the ability to monitor your car wherever you are in the world.”