A new 650 horsepower variant has been added to Scania’s V8 engine range. Now, with power steps of 520, 580, 650 and 730 horsepower, Scania’s V8 range reflects the growing trend in the transport industry internationally towards heavier, longer trucks, and marks a new highpoint in the company’s engine building.  In addition to the new model, developments to the unique Scania V8 platform have resulted in a number of engineering changes to existing models.

The new 650 horsepower variant offers a torque rating of 3,300Nm and, in common with the revised 520 and 580 models, benefits from the same SCR-only technology utilised in Scania’s 13-litre engine range. Complimented by improved thermal management, combustion and injection systems, the revised V8 engines will offer improvements in fuel consumption.  Combined with the class leading aerodynamics of new R- and S-cabs, the benefits are further enhanced, potentially up to ten percent for

customers with vehicles that have higher combined truck and trailer weights, higher average speeds, or both.

The 730hp engine remains the top power option and continues to use both EGR and SCR technology to meet the Euro 6 emission standard.

Scania’s commitment to sustainable transport is at the heart of the new offering, but its V8 engines have always contributed to highly efficient transport solutions. The company’s focus has been on the lowest possible CO2-per-tonne ratios because fewer trucks are needed to perform the same amount of transport work.  With its latest V8 engine generation, Scania is continuing to develop its solutions all the time to stay at the forefront, not only in terms of productivity but also with regard to driving enjoyment and appeal.