MV Commercial has supplied MD Aggregate Supplies with four Scania P450s with Thompson tipper bodies in ‘record time’.

Mike Weatherall, Transport Manager at the aggregate and concrete specialist, was told by several suppliers that delivery of the vehicles would take a minimum of 12 months.

But when he approached MV Commercial, it promised to source the tippers in just three months – and duly delivered on time.

“Given the supply challenges facing the industry, we were expecting delivery to take many months. So we were over the moon when MV Commercial was able to fulfil the contract in more than half the time we had been quoted,” Weatherall says.

“The MV team stuck to their word and delivered everything they promised. They supplied the finished vehicles when we needed them and that’s really helped in the update of our fleet.”

He adds: “It’s the first time we’ve worked with MV Commercial and we’re very happy with the customer service. We plan to do more business with the company in 2023.”

Supplied on a full-service three-year contract hire agreement, the tippers will be put to work in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Wales. They will transport anything from dust products and MOT Type 1 aggregates to muck-away and large rocks. They are expected to clock up 80,000 km per year.

Each vehicle is specified with a PM onboard weighing system, two front and rear strobe lights, two LED work lights at the rear and all-round recording cameras for added safety.

The tippers join seven vehicles in the MD Aggregate Supplies fleet.

“It’s quite hilly in some of the areas where we operate such as around the quarries in North Wales. When we are carrying full payloads, it’s necessary to have the more powerful Scania 450 engines which make light work of the steep terrain,” Weatherall says.

“We are impressed with the fuel efficiency of the vehicles and their high-specs. The drivers love them.”