A joint consultation by Michelin and ATS Euromaster has helped Widnes-based chemical haulier Gussion Transport cut its tyre bill by around 30 per cent, thanks to fleet-wide tyre management and the conversion to a Michelin new and Remix fitment policy.

A fleet audit conducted by Michelin in Q3 2015 found that 79 per cent of Gussion Transport’s tyres were running underinflated, exposing the haulier to the potential of higher fuel bills. To tackle the issue, Gussion Transport implemented the proactive ATS Euromaster MasterCARE tyre management package, to help keep the fleet’s tyres in tip-top condition. Following a period of tyre performance assessment, Gussion Transport also switched from a budget tyre policy to fitting Michelin X MultiWay 3D regional tyres.

Gussion Transport’s fleet of 90 assets now receives monthly tyre inspections from ATS Euromaster, to ensure every vehicle’s tyres are inflated to the correct pressure for maximum fuel efficiency. Plus, thanks to its Michelin fitment policy, the company has recorded a considerable drop in the price per kilometre it pays for its tyres. Estimates suggest that the company’s tyre spend is some 30 per cent lower.

John Chadwick, Transport Manager, Gussion Transport, says: “By having experts handle our tyre management, we can focus on growing the business. ATS Euromaster’s regular inspections catch any problems before they become significant, reducing our downtime. Our drivers have also responded well to having premium tyres on the fleet’s vehicles, and appreciate the peace of mind they get from running on Michelin.”

MasterCARE from ATS Euromaster focuses on scheduled, electronically managed tyre inspections aimed at minimising the risk of tyre failures and prolonging tyre life.

MasterCARE comes with a variety of service options, including checks of tread depths and valve caps by expert technicians, along with general visual damage checks, ensuring no potential tyre issue is missed.