Logistics, transport, and shipping specialists LTS Global Solutions has kick started its international expansion plans by opening the first of three regional headquarters across the globe.

Having recently opened a new Far-East headquarters in Hong Kong earlier this year, the Birmingham-based company is now looking to increase its global footprint by establishing a presence in the Middle East and India, namely in Dubai and Delhi.

The move into Dubai is expected to be finalised in the coming months and India towards the latter end of 2024.

Its growth plan will enable the ambitious end-to-end supply chain specialists to gain a strategic foothold in key global markets, enabling the seamless movement of goods to or from Asia and the Middle East back to the UK.

Harnessing its global expertise and a comprehensive range of services, LTS Global Solutions aims to blueprint its renowned end-to-end supply chain offering within trade hotspots, providing businesses with innovative and expert-led solutions to access and thrive in new and diverse markets.

LTS’ global expansion comes during a time where global trade dynamics are shifting and have been set in motion to ensure the business is well-positioned to meet the increasing demands of international shipping and logistics services.

Dave Hands, Managing Director at LTS Global Solutions commented: “Our expansion into these pivotal regions is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled logistics solutions on a global scale.

“By establishing regional hubs in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Delhi, we are not only enhancing our service capabilities but are also reinforcing our position as a leading player in the international logistics arena, both now and in the future, through leveraging the unique advantages and opportunities each location has to offer.

“This strategic presence across all three regions will enable us to better serve our customers domestically in the UK and internationally, by facilitating the efficient and reliable movement of goods across key trade corridors. Equally, customers will benefit from personalised service from a trusted logistics and shipping provider boasting a strong foothold in these key markets, giving them the confidence that their needs will be met with the same professionalism and efficiency as always.”

Speaking on the strategic vision behind the tiered expansion into Hong Kong, Dubai and Delhi, Mirza Baig, International Director at LTS Global Solutions also said: “The first of our three new offices, situated in Hong Kong, was chosen as a result of its strategic position in enabling access to the Far East, enabling us to efficiently serve customers across Asia and further afield.

“However, this was always only going to be one part of the puzzle moving forward. In line with our aspiration to cater to the entire gulf state centrally from the Middle East, Dubai’s world-class infrastructure and strategic location presented an optimal choice to establish a presence in the MEA region, which will be finalised in the coming months. Not only does the city boast major ports and airports to facilitate efficient global trade, but its robust economy and steadfast commitment to innovation gives us the ability to ensure efficient operations and access to a vast, rapidly growing market in the Middle East and beyond.”

“Later this year we will also look to complete on our new office in South Asia. As the world’s fastest growing economy, India has developed to become one of the globe’s leading emerging markets, which similarly made it an attractive option to serve as an essential hub for our operations. The country’s rapid urbanisation and rising disposable incomes position it as lucrative and favourable business environment to operate in. Equally, thanks to its strategic geographic location, India also offers an ideal gateway to capitalise on other Asian markets across the continent.”