For the first time in excess of 100,000 tonnes of lubricant has been produced, a 27 percent increase

LIQUI MOLY has produced more this year than ever before. The German oil and additive specialist produced 105,000 tonnes of lubricant – 27 percent more than in the previous year. “For the first time, we have passed the 100,000-tonne mark,” says Managing Director Ernst Prost. “What would be a strong performance anyway is even more impressive against the backdrop of adverse conditions.”

These adverse conditions include the shortage of raw materials, which not only upset the price structure but led to real bottlenecks, and distortions in global logistics, which made it equally difficult to obtain the raw materials in the first place and then ship the finished products to customers. And all this against a backdrop of increasingly numerous types of oil that are becoming more and more difficult to produce, making production even more complex.

This year, production volume increased not only for oils, but also for additives. A total of 16.3 million cans of additives for fuel, oil and coolant came off the production line – an increase of 14 percent compared to 2020.

“The fact that we achieved this is thanks to our great team, which has overcome the hurdles with a great deal of improvisation, talent and flexibility,” says Ernst Prost. “Our continuous investment in modernizing production and logistics has also paid off.”