Sortimo, the global van racking specialist, is marking its 50th anniversary and 15 years collaboration with Labcraft – one of the foremost UK-based designers and manufacturers of LED vehicle lighting.

With its UK base in Warrington and production headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, Sortimo is reported to be Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of secure van racking equipment for light commercial vehicles.

Its network comprises nine branches, 24 offices and various installation partners in Germany, as well as ten subsidiaries in Europe, a joint venture in the USA and 24 importers worldwide.

“From design to delivery, we specialise in working with service companies, fleet managers, and manufacturers across the automotive and transport industries,” says Fiona Gurney, Internal UK Sales for Sortimo UK. “Our customers world-wide expect us to supply the highest standard of external and internal vehicle lighting and as such, we have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Labcraft.”

The name Sortimo, stands for “SORTIment MObil” (meaning mobile assortment) and reflects the company’s diverse range of LCV equipment solutions. Accordingly, says Sortimo, Labcraft’s comprehensive range of LED lighting chimes perfectly.

“Quality, safety and innovation are Sortimo watchwords,” says Fiona “and no more so when it comes to vehicle lighting. We install Labcraft products at the same time as installing our racking solutions, and for many of our fleet customers we include Labcraft products within our standard design specification – and they are always well received.”

Furthermore, explains Fiona, Labcraft collaborates with the company in the creation of Sortimo -branded products, which are offered to all customers with lighting requirements. “The lighting requires minimum work during installation and the ordering process with Labcraft is simple and easy.”

From a sustainability perspective, the two companies work in tandem to help Sortimo customers reduce the environmental impact of products and transportation. To this end, Labcraft’s high intensity LED lighting requires low voltage, runs at a low temperature and achieves a long-life span.

Labcraft’s Sales Manager, Matt Stubbs explains further: “Our LED lights are energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and emit less heat. They use up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, last much longer, and offer better light output. The Labcraft lights are also versatile and suitable for any space, making them an excellent choice for LCV operators seeking to save energy and improve lighting quality.”

“These factors,” adds Fiona Gurney, “combined with purpose-built design and robust construction enable Labcraft, and Sortimo in turn, to offer long term warranties with confidence. Added to this, customer service from Labcraft is always second to none.”