Along with a host of other benefits, leading time critical logistics solutions provider Jet Express have seen an uptick in load optimisation improvements since procuring vehicle CCTV camera systems onto their fleet from one of the UK’s foremost vehicle CCTV camera specialists in the UK, Centrad.

While provisionally fitting front and rear facing vehicle CCTV camera systems onto their vehicles in order to drive safety improvements for their drivers as well as general road users, Jet Express also consulted with Centrad to fit a high-definition camera monitoring system into the load compartment of their lighter models.

The camera system provides Jet Express’ transport planners with real-time visibility of the contents of the load space on all its lighter vehicles and highlights what space is available for further drops in the vicinity of where its vehicles are operating. By liaising with its drivers and utilising Centrad’s state-of-the-art camera system, Jet Express is able to continually monitor vehicles with the aim of maintaining full load journeys for bookings which are not designated deliveries.

Since the install, Jet Express estimates that it has achieved efficiency improvements of up to 20 per cent since the camera systems were first installed by Staffordshire-based Centrad in 2021.

Operating a fleet of 40 vehicles ranging from small vans, Luton transits through to 18 tonne and artics, driver safety and vehicle efficiency has always been a key consideration for Jet Express.

Benefiting from Centrad’s Live Cloud platform, the camera system also provides Jet Express’ transport planners with real-time GPS tracking with 30 second updates, remote system health checks and enables them to view and download video footage remotely – allowing them to review footage and provide best practice training where necessary.

Craig Eccleston, General Manager at Jet Express commented: “The installation of Centrad’s cutting-edge vehicle CCTV camera systems onto our vehicles has been hugely beneficial to our overall operation, especially in the context of optimising load capacity.

“While there was a check already in place to ensure that cargo bays were fully optimised where possible, the cameras provide a totally different solution. By having the cameras in place, we can collaborate with our drivers more effectively in helping to maximise the capacity of load space.

“In doing so, we have seen a reasonable uptick in efficiency improvements in terms of delivery output which we are delighted with.”

Along with improvements in load optimisation, Jet Express has also seen improvements in health and safety standards, especially with regard to the safe loading and unloading of goods, as well as in reducing the number of claims from accidents where their drivers were not responsible.

Craig continued: “In addition to helping drive improvements in maximising the internal storage capacity of our vehicles, Centrad’s CCTV camera systems have equally helped in keeping damages to a minimum as we are able to assess how our drivers strap, load and unload cargo, which is vital to ensuring the safety of our driver, the cargo as well as the vehicle.

“Our relationship with Centrad has developed from a customer/supplier relationship to one that is very much a partnership. We have total trust in their judgement and recommendations, and they have a fundamental understanding of every aspect of our business. In many respects it’s a relationship that’s continually evolving to meet our needs which is vital in an ever-changing marketplace.

“Their out-of-the-box mentality has ultimately enabled us to look beyond the primary use of their state-of-the-art camera systems and utilise their benefits in alternative and unique ways, from which we are continually reaping the rewards.”