IVECO’s cutting-edge Training Academy will soon be ready to welcome over 480 technicians and 100 commercial staff each year for
the highest standard of training.

The purpose-built facility consists of classrooms for understanding and learning critical lessons, meeting rooms for discussion, and
state-of-the-art workshops equipped to lead practical training utilising the latest equipment. Its ambitious and highly motivated
attendees will learn to deliver unrivalled service in each of their disciplines, both in the workshop and customer facing.

Kinhode Aloumon, IVECO Training Manager, said “We want to lead by example. Our workshops and classrooms are a model for
dealerships, these spaces set the standard and serve as flagships. From the very best technicians to the most informed commercial
staff, the IVECO Training Academy aims to provide the very best tuition that will go on to help our customers.”

The recent launch of the class-leading IVECO eDaily means that in addition to tuition on repair and maintenance of combustion
models, this Training Academy can facilitate the latest teachings on electric vehicles. Safety is paramount when working on EVs, and
so the highest level of precaution and best practices are instilled from the very beginning, with this all becoming second nature to
those passing through the Training Academy. High-tech diagnostics help technicians collate vital information before expert mechanical
advice is demonstrated and experienced first-hand.

The IVECO technicians also continue to learn the very latest advice and techniques for working on diesel and Natural Gas vehicles.

Electrification is not the only route to help decarbonise fleets with alternative fuels providing a viable option for many operators
today. When run on biomethane, vehicles can already deliver an up to 95% CO2 reduction and, with certain feedstocks, it is even
possible to become carbon negative with a reduction in emissions of up to 121%*. IVECO is also looking to the future with new
technologies such as fuel cell and hydrogen power.

Bernard Jones, Senior Technical Training Manager, said “Face to face tuition is important. From an instructional point of view you can
truly get a good sense of how well someone is understanding through the feedback they are giving. Technicians are an essential part
of the IVECO team, talented individuals that contribute to the whole business and its desire to deliver the best possible service. IVECO
training emphasises and instils important values such as attention to detail and taking pride in your work.”

Alumni of the IVECO Apprenticeship Programme holding a Service Technician Certificate are welcomed to the Training Academy in
Winsford, alongside their commercial colleagues, to further develop and maintain their impressive skillsets. With every element of
IVECO meeting the same high standards, IVECO delivers the very best service for customers.