Iveco is to participate at the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles show , the most important international event in the commercial vehicle industry, which will be held in Hanover from September 22 to 29, 2016. The brand will host a press conference on its stand, A01 in Hall 16, on September 21 at 9.15 am.

Iveco will introduce a host of new products and innovations on its ample stand of over 2,500 square metres, showcasing its full range – from light vehicles to heavy trucks for on- and off-road applications, and from buses to heavy-duty trucks for quarries and construction sites.

Iveco will also present, in a world premiere, a new long-haul futuristic concept truck breaking new frontiers for totally sustainable transport, and protected by over 25 patents.

Official premiere of the New Stralis, the TCO 2 Champion

Centre-stage on the Iveco stand will be the New Stralis, which makes its debut to the international public following an official presentation last June in Madrid. The New Stralis introduces a completely new driveline and, with the best in reliability and efficiency, delivers leading-edge low Total Cost of Operation (TCO), and CO 2 reduction.

The three-vehicle range was developed around customer missions, and meets all the requirements of the on-road heavy transportation sector: the New Stralis was designed to offer the best solution for regional and short-range missions, including the transportation of hazardous goods, where it maintains the unique advantage provided by the exclusive HI-SCR after-treatment system. The New Stralis XP was developed for the demands of the international long-haul transport business, and is packed with innovative fuel-saving features and new services to maximise uptime and fuel efficiency. The most reliable and fuel-efficient truck on the market, designed to maximise reliability and reduce CO 2 a nd TCO, it delivers fuel savings of up to 11%, while the new-generation services can add further savings of up to 3%, resulting in an impressive 5.6% reduction in TCO in long-haul missions.

The revolutionary New Stralis NP (Natural Power), which runs on CNG and LNG, is the most sustainable international transport truck ever, and a real breakthrough in the gas truck industry. It is the only natural gas truck to offer the power rating, driving comfort and fuel autonomy to suit long-distance haulage missions. A new engine that delivers 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque – equal to its diesel equivalent – is coupled with an automated transmission. The improvements contribute to a 3% reduction in TCO compared to the previous model, which already had fuel pump costs up to 40% lower than its diesel equivalent. It is the first true long-haul gas truck in the market that offers an alternative to diesel vehicles.

Also on the stand will be three “Emotional Trucks”: versions of the New Stralis XP dedicated to Ferrari, Dakar Team Petronas De Rooy Iveco and Schwabentruck, as a special tribute to Iveco’s great partnerships with big names from the world of sports. The vehicles’ liveries were designed and produced by the CNH Industrial Design Team, which devoted particular attention to the personalisation of the vehicles with the colours and graphics of the partnership they are dedicated to.

New Daily Euro 6 and New Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 open a new world of connectivity

The New Daily Euro 6 is the first light commercial vehicle to turn on-board connectivity into a true professional work tool, with the revolutionary new app, DAILY BUSINESS UP . Leveraging its strength, versatility, performance and durability, the new Daily Euro 6 introduces new features that use technology to push the boundaries of performance , raise comfort to a new level, deliver unique connectivity options and lower its TCO, reflecting the Business Instinct of Iveco’s customers, and making the vehicle their perfect business partner.

The New Daily Euro 6 delivers unrivalled performance day after day with its new and powerful 2.3 and 3.0 litre engines, developing as much as 210 hp and 470 Nm at the top of the range. The advanced driveline technologies further deliver fuel savings of up to 8% compared to the previous models. Low maintenance and repair costs due to extended service intervals and long-lasting components result in additional savings of up to 12%. The cabin is even quieter than previous models, with the noise level reduced by 4 decibels , improving the vehicle’s acoustics and sound recognition by 8%. The NEW DAILY BUSINESS UP app turns any smartphone or tablet into an interface with the New Daily Euro 6, allowing customers to experience ultimate efficiency in their mobile workstation.

NEW DAILY BUSINESS UP is a smart tool for drivers, acting as a Driver Assistant that provides real-time suggestions to reduce fuel consumption through the Driving Style Evaluation (DSE) system. The app also works out routes optimised for commercial vehicles with the Professional Navigation system.

It is also a smart tool for owners, acting as a Business Assistant that makes fleet management tasks easier by facilitating scheduling, dispatching and tracking jobs with Sygic Fleetwork, and providing a direct link to Iveco Assistance Non Stop – the 24/7 roadside assistance service. NEW DAILY BUSINESS UP is an Open Platform designed for continuous evolution, and new features will be developed to continue to help Iveco customers improve their productivity and efficiency further.

The New Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 family has been extended to include a wider range of models to meet all business needs. It offers the ultimate driving experience and all the benefits of safety, performance and productivity, with features such as an ergonomic multifunctional lever and self-adaptive shift strategy. It also benefits from EcoSwitch PRO, an intelligent system that recognises if the vehicle is loaded or not and adapts the engine torque, with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption and further lowering of emissions, and no compromise to the customer’s productivity. This vehicle is an example of how Iveco puts the driver at the core of its design process, improving productivity and providing absolute driving pleasure.

New Eurocargo, “The truck the city likes”, in new full air suspended and CNG versions

Known as “The truck the city likes”, the New Eurocargo range was crowned “International Truck of the Year 2016”. On its stand, Iveco will introduce a new Euro VI Step C compliant ML160 (16t) in a new full air suspended version, and display the eco-sustainable Natural Power version, which runs on compressed natural gas (CNG).

The New Eurocargo ML160 Full Air version complies with Euro VI Step C regulations, which come into force on December 31 2016, thanks to Iveco’s patented HI-SCR -only technology with passive Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). It is the only vehicle in its class (6-19 tonnes) to adopt a single anti-emission system, rather than relying on exhaust gas recirculation. HI-SCR is simple, reliable and lightweight. Most importantly, it regenerates the DPF without requiring vehicle downtime or any intervention by the driver.

The New Eurocargo ML160 Full Air version on display features pneumatic suspension on the front and rear axle, now available with a payload increased by 1 tonne . The constant chassis height and horizontal loading bed ensure a further improvement in safety, even when the load is not distributed evenly. The reduction in vibration in transport ensures the driver travels in comfort, and the goods are well cared for. The possibility of modifying ground clearance ensures high versatility on approach to loading and unloading docks of varying heights, and the capability of taking on different ramp gradients.

The New Eurocargo Natural Power , which runs on CNG, will also be present on the Iveco stand. It is particularly at home in major cities thanks to its low emissions and quiet operation .

A ne w engine delivers 204 hp maximum power at 2,700 rpm, with torque of 750 Nm from 1,400 to 1,800 rpm – 100 Nm more than its predecessor. True to Iveco’s commitment to sustainability, it already meets Euro VI Step C emissions standards, which will come into force at the end of the year, and can run on bio-methane derived from biomass or organic waste. It is also an exceptionally quiet vehicle, at 3 dB quieter than diesel, as a result of its engine technologies.

This also means that the New Eurocargo Natural Power is allowed to drive in restricted traffic zones, and is ideal for night-time work. The New Eurocargo NP has a range autonomy of up to 400 km , thus meeting the requirements of a variety of missions from multi-drop urban distribution to municipality tasks.

Astra HD9 for extreme conditions and environments

Iveco’s toughest vehicle, the ASTRA HD9, will also be on display at IAA. From its special heavy-duty chassis and state-of-the-art driveline to its simple electric and electronic architectures, everything in this extra-strong vehicle has been designed take on the most demanding situations for climate, terrain and loading capabilities. Easy to maintain and repair, it is the ideal partner on the most challenging missions.

The Astra’s Euro VI 13 litre High Pressure Common Rail engine optimises the combustion process and increases engine efficiency in terms of power output (up to 560 hp) and torque, while reducing noise and minimising fuel consumption. The HI-SCR system without EGR delivers the best in thermal efficiency, while reducing weight and complexity. An electronic controlled variable geometry turbocharger delivers outstanding performance. The high torque at low engine speed results in excellent driving elasticity in all conditions. The robustness, versatility, mobility, mission dedication and loading capabilities of the HD9 range make it the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications in mining, construction, oil and gas and heavy haulage.