London, 23 August: United H2 Limited, one of the world’s leading hydrogen conglomerates, is pleased to announce that one of its investee companies has unveiled a new hydrogen enhancement system which can help decarbonise industries reliant on diesel generators, including the oil and gas and the mining sectors.

H2i Technology — which is a part of the United H2 Limited Group — has manufactured its first 10 commercially-ready hydrogen injection kits, which it will use to run field testing with potential customers over the next six months.

The hydrogen enhancement system H2i Technology has developed has the hardware and proprietary software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel engine to significantly reduce emissions and cut fuel costs.

The advantages of the enhancement systems include:

  • Reduced emissions of diesel internal combustion engines with:
  • Reduced exhaust smoke by 49%
  • Reduced exhaust opacity by 50%
  • Between a 10-20% reduction in fuel costs.
  • Savings of £45,000 per unit on fuel costs each year when running a 250KVA generator, with more significant savings on larger-scale diesel engines.
  • Each unit will cut carbon emissions by 300 tonnes per year.
  • Allows companies to access the lucrative carbon credits system.
  • Interest from underground mining companies as the smoke reduction carries major health benefits for their employees working on-site.
  • Reduction in smoke/opacity reduces maintenance costs and increases an engine’s operational life.

The Company is currently running final tests and calibrations, which are anticipated to be completed in the next 2-4 weeks.

Following this, H2i Technology will be working full steam ahead towards executing trials with five potential customers across the steel manufacturing, agriculture, construction, mining and hospitality/tourism industries.

“This is an important step forward for H2i Technology and UHL is very proud to see another company in its Group deliver a disruptive hydrogen product to market,” says UHL’s Chairman, Richard Allen. “With potential customers from major industries already engaged, H2i is on track to secure its first revenues and deliver strong growth over the next six months, which we believe will have a positive impact across the whole UHL Group”

“Once the field trials with potential customers are complete, we are confident we will be able to convert these field testing agreements into sales contracts and begin working with customers to reduce emissions across their diesel value chain”, says H2i Technology’s Chairman, David Vinson.

The Company says successful commercial trials showed its novel technology can be retrofitted onto an engine to extend its operational life, significantly reduce emissions (up to 30%), decrease particulate matter (50%), cut fuel costs (up to 20%), and optimise efficiencies.

“We believe we can achieve commercialisation quickly as the companies we are speaking with are looking for a cost-effective, right now solution to meeting the increasingly stringent carbon emission requirements — our hydrogen injection system delivers on this.”

“We have seen a strong response from our pricing model, which is built off a 1.5-year return on investment from fuel savings. From what we have seen, this is a disruptive proposition to the market, which is a reflection of our mission to provide a commercially-viable, right now solution to the carbon challenge.”

H2i Technology believes this large market is underserviced. Since March 2022, it has had over 200 enquiries across Africa, Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, which shows there is a significant demand for its product.

Research by Gordon Capital also shows there are 20 million diesel generators globally that are suitable for H2i Technology’s system.

“Initially, we will be conducting field testings with clients in Australia and the Middle East, while we are also exploring other opportunities in Asia, India and North America.”

Moving forward, the Company says its key focus will be to secure more field-testing opportunities and convert them to sales agreements.

Once customers have been secured, H2i Technology will begin to seek a listing on a favourable exchange to finance increasing its global expansion.