For the 7th consecutive year, Howard Tenens Logistics is proud to announce their achievement of a RoSPA Gold award. This award is in recognition of the outstanding health and safety performance during the year.

Howard Tenens Logistics is a UK-based third party logistics company that upholds safe practices as one of its core values. The company’s commitment to health and safety regulations highlights the dedication to protecting employees, customers, and the environment.

Howard Tenens Logistics recognises that effective management of health and safety is vital to the success of the company and its customers.

The RoSPA Gold accreditation is a prestigious award that recognises organisations that have demonstrated exceptional health and safety practices. Howard Tenens Logistics’ achievement of this award demonstrates the unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards of safety across all aspects of the business, from employees to equipment and facilities.

The continued achievement of this accreditation is a testament to the drive for continuous improvement and commitment to providing safe and reliable logistics services to the customers of Tenens.

Howard Tenens Logistics looks forward to continuing excellence in health and safety standards.