Leading glass recycling firm, GB Cullet, have traded the paper copy of the vehicle defect report for VDD Solutions – the daily defect app for fleet management.

With a small fleet of vehicles, Barnsley-based GB cullet were approached by VDD solutions with the chance to use their new daily defect app for fleet management of the defects that drivers are required to do by law.

GB Cullet’s fleet travels across the entire country to 140 sites – including ones in Northampton, Norwich, Lancaster, Merseyside and Hull. The company identified the importance for an easy-to-use system that was user-friendly and more time effective than paper.

Transport Manager, Jared Ambler said, “We have used the defect books for years and we were very hesitant to try this. However, after using it for a few weeks, we found that the system was very user-friendly and simple to use.”

VDD Solutions reduces the chances of the paper copy of the defect report getting lost or damaged, whilst also helping with storage as it is done digitally.

Jared continued, “I get instant notifications on any defects that the vehicles or trailers have, making it more efficient for the defect to be corrected as soon as possible. We have been using this system now for 6 months and we would be lost without it. The system complies with the DVSA and the traffic commissioner. I would highly recommend VDD solutions for keeping your transport company up to date and legal.”

For more information on how you can streamline your fleet management using VDD Solutions, visit http://vddsolutions.co.uk/ or call +44 (0)1143 6 01145.