A leading provider of gases in the UK and Ireland required lift manufacturer accessxl to modify its existing gas bottle column lift design to exactly match its specific operational needs.

To this end, the Scotland-based manufacturer supplied a slimline column lift in a bespoke gas bottle configuration, including dual external control stations; internal pedestal-mounted controls; stainless steel power pack enclosure and articulated leading edge ramp.

“Our brief also required us to focus on safety and ease of handling. As such, we produced a lift specification which would satisfy the key criteria, and working closely with the customer, produced a bespoke, safe and efficient lifting solution,” said accessxl.

From its manufacturing plant in Forfar, working with operators, retailers, body builders and vehicle manufacturers, the company designs and supplies bespoke mechanical and hydraulic lifting solutions for a wide range of applications across numerous industry sectors.

Lifts include column, retractable, multi-deck and refuse and are available at short notice with full warranty. The British-built equipment is supported by a national parts and service network.

Further information about accessxl@: https://www.xlg.co.uk/accessxl_lifting_solutions/