For the second year running, North West logistics specialists, Fagan & Whalley, have successfully maintained their AA-grade rating from the Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS) for both of their state-of-the-art warehouses.

The audit, which took place in August, saw the Lancashire-based warehouses, Burnley Bridge and Frontier Park, receive the highest BRCGS grade available. As a result, Fagan & Whalley align their commitment to upholding rigorous standards for the safe storage and distribution of food-related items, offering both consumers and clients peace of mind.

The BRCGS, formerly known as the British Retail Consortium, is a globally recognised body that sets international benchmarks for food safety. Their standards are followed by over 26,000 suppliers across 130 countries, serving as a critical measure for regulatory compliance and consumer protection.

John Marsden, HSEQ Manager, expressed his pride in the team’s sustained efforts,
“Retaining this AA-grade accreditation for another year is not just an honour but a validation of our unwavering commitment to safety and compliance. It not only reassures our existing clients but also serves as a compelling selling point for potential new partnerships.”

He added, “This continued success is a collective achievement, only made possible by the relentless dedication and hard work of our entire team. We couldn’t be more proud!”

Fagan & Whalley provide specialist AA-grade BRCGS-certified and Soil
Association-approved warehousing services for clients across all industries,
including those within the food industry.

For more details on Fagan & Whalley’s top-rated BRCGS warehousing facilities,
please visit or contact them on 01282 771983