Noone Transport, based in Co. Meath, Ireland, is undergoing a period of significant investment as it opens up new routes throughout Ireland, the UK and continental Europe.

Established in 1986 and now one of Ireland’s leading transport and logistics operators, Noone Transport provides an extensive range of transport and warehousing services to numerous industry sectors, including food, retail, autoparts and pharmaceutical.

A mixture of 50 Krone curtainsiders and temperature-controlled trailers will enter Noone‘s vehicle fleet over the coming months, most of which will operate from the company’s newly-built warehouse and distribution facility, 20 minutes from Dublin port.

“As a leading warehousing and logistics provider, we have expanded our capabilities with our newly constructed warehouse,” says director, Daniel Noone. “With 80,000 sq ft and 24,000 pallet capacity, we can efficiently handle distribution, order fulfilment, cross-docking and stock management for part and full loads. Plus, our prime location just off the M2 puts us in close proximity to ports and airports.”

The new trailer equipment comprises 20 Profi Liners and 30 Cool Liners. The curtainsiders come with Krone’s award-winning Multi Lock loading system, which features strapping points every 10 cms along each side rave, for multiple strapping options and secure loading.  The high-impact phenolic floor, allows for fork loading up to 7 tonnes and for fast top-loading, each is fitted with an Edscha sliding roof.

The Cool Liners are a mixture of Duplex steel, single and double deckers, some with multi-temperature control. While in transit, each load benefits from KSC ProPlus Cool – the latest telematics system from Krone, which automatically monitors inside temperatures, coupling status, brake condition, door openings, fuel level, trailer location and tyre pressures.

“With the new tyre monitoring regulations coming into force in July 2024,” says Daniel, “whereby all new trailers must be fitted with a TPMS, the Krone system will prove vital. Aside from the regulations, it’s a good additional safety measure and will undoubtedly help to avoid excessive wear and potential tyre failure – both of which ad up to downtime and additional cost.”

In addition, ProPlus Cool handles complete document management via WLAN, which enables the traffic office to connect to the Krone Telematics Box via WLAN to access and retrieve all relevant data.

Manufactured by Krone in Germany the Cool Liners’ body strength lies mainly in the Duoplex Steel outer skins and heavy-duty aluminium floor. Plus, for extra rigidity, the chassis is constructed using double -T, longitudinal beams and a Z-profile rear traverse section with diagonal reinforcements.

The rear doors are of high-security ‘container-type‘ design, while the loading security certificate complies with European standard, EN 12642 Code XL. Factors which Noone says are important to ensure reliability and low cost of ownership.

“We are delighted to once again be returning to Krone during this new growth phase,“ says Daniel. “Krone knows the product inside out and  match the trailer specifications to our operational needs. Their efficient service and dependable parts supply enable us to provide an exceptionally reliable service for our customers. We bought our first Krone in 2008, and the build quality continues to be of the highest standard.”

Noone Transport operates a fleet of 50 Mercedes Actros 18/45 tractor units along with a 100-strong trailer fleet including fridges, box vans and curtainsiders, with options to multiple destinations including the UK, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.