Jason Williams Removals, the Carmarthenshire-based relocation and storage firm has delayed the purchase of a new Ekeri rigid body because, says the company, even though their existing Ekeri unit is over seven years old, there is not one good reason to replace it.

“We put the current body on the road way back in 2011” explains Jason Williams “and since then we have not needed to do a single thing by way of maintenance or replacement parts – it just keeps going!”

Seven years ago, Jason Williams declined the opportunity to purchase a conventional box body and instead opted for the Ekeri solution, owing to its potential for easier and more secure loading.

“I’ve said many times, it was a simple choice to make” says Jason. “The Ekeri body has six doors which open along the near-side and a cantilever Zepro tail lift for loading through the rear tail flap. This combination, along with the internal load locking bars and multiple strapping points, make the vehicle far more flexible and easier to load than any ordinary removals lorry.”

So, this year, when it came to a decision regarding the purchase of a new unit, on reviewing the costs and maintenance associated with the body, Jason had an easy decision to make.

“We have definitely made savings on the service and maintenance side of things. Each time the Mercedes Benz Actros cab is serviced, the bodywork, doors and joints are checked over.” Says Jason, “Nothing has needed any attention in the seven years it’s been on the road. Quite literally, it looks as good as the day we bought it.”

Jason Williams Removals provides a comprehensive service including all types of furniture handling and specialist work in the high-value auto parts sector and according to Jason, the robust bodywork makes the Ekeri body ideal for carrying high value loads: pallets, individual items, mixed loads, all have plenty of internal space and because of the locking bars and the solid construction, there’s no body flexing during transit.

“When we added up the time and money saved using this vehicle,” adds Jason “we didn’t need to consider buying anything else. It definitely passed the seven-year test!”

Jason Williams Removals provide a local, nationwide and Ireland service for both residential and commercial moving and storage. The operation is backed by a full packing service and experienced handling team.