Global telematics provider Teletrac Navman has secured a contract with East Riding of Yorkshire Council (EROYC) to provide its market-leading fleet management software, enabling the local authority to track its 650 strong fleet of vehicles.

EROYC provides a full range of local government services, including the transportation of materials and personnel, which in a regulated environment requires the effective management and utilisation of resources.

The local authority will be using Teletrac Navman’s advanced telematics platform, which enables fleet managers to have access to real-time data in one easy-to-use interface, such as vehicle location, driver performance, idling time and fuel usage.

At the same time, Driver ID, an additional feature included in the deal, allows the Council’s 1,100 drivers to present either a PIN number or key fob to operate a vehicle, as they are not permanently assigned to a single employee, thus preventing misuse and increasing security.

Due to the complexities of the installation, and variety of vehicles and machinery being tracked, Teletrac Navman incorporated the assistance of its Professional Services team, who were responsible for overseeing the implementation process, supporting with training and troubleshooting, ensuring EROYC’s fleet management team could extract the most value from the data and tools.

Richard Lilwall, Vice President and Managing Director at Teletrac Navman UK, said: “EROYC’s commitment to delivering the best service to all of its stakeholders, is clearly displayed in its willingness to upgrade its practices with a sophisticated fleet management system which goes beyond what it’s been able to achieve in the past.

“As with most public sector fleet operations, the priority is the safety of its people and the public when delivering essential services within the community. When its telematics contract was up for renewal, enhancing compliance and safety was paramount and our solutions are tried and tested to deliver on all counts.”

Ivan McMaster, Service Manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, added: “In the past, due to operating a large scale fleet, we’ve found it challenging to manage multiple data sources and use the insights to our advantage, in order to manage our resource effectively, optimise asset utilisation and ensure overall safety.

“We have managed to find a partner in Teletrac Navman, whose team have been extremely professional, providing dedicated consultation at the point of procurement, before getting under the skin of our outfit to deliver the solutions necessary to operate as best we can. We’ve been impressed by how the team’s managed to navigate the challenges caused by the pandemic, not letting it hinder the implementation process. What’s more, they’ve gone above and beyond to create bespoke e-learning courses, training videos and live sessions, which have put us in good stead to move forward and serve our community as best we can.”