LEADING UK hauliers, Dyce Carriers, has purchased a new single point lifting frame, the second in a series of significant investments for their base in Grangemouth. The five figure investment comes after the purchase of three new Dennison skeletal sliding trailers earlier this year, furthering the capabilities of their central logistics hub in Grangemouth.

With a maximum centre load of 31.5 tonnes, the new lifting frame gives Dyce Carriers a lifting capacity of 31.5 tonnes SWL (Safe Working Load) via the hook, and 40.0 tonnes SWL for the frame when the load is applied uniformly and symmetrically. This increased lifting capacity will make loading and offloading faster, more efficient, and safer for their workers.

The new equipment will increase the number of out-of-gauge (OOG) loads that Dyce Carriers can do, and this will increase demand for their specialist step frames and low loaders loading to and from Grangemouth. As a result, Dyce Carriers is in discussions with several major shipping lines to become the main LLS facility within Scotland for OOG cargo.

According to Richard Workman, Business Development Manager at Dyce Carriers Grangemouth base, “This single point lifting frame enables us to carry out safe lifts on many oilwell products weighing up to 31.5 tonnes that require a single point lift. And with various shackle points down each side of the frame, we are able to lift many different types of equipment of various sizes.

“Our Grangemouth team currently provides an exceptional load/lash and devanning service that consistently exceeds customers’ expectations, and with the addition of the new lifting frame, our operators can significantly increase the volume of loads through Grangemouth docks, ensuring future stability and employment opportunities in the area.”

Dyce Carriers has always been committed to investing in new technology and equipment, so that their team are equipped with the best tools for the job. This has allowed the company to maintain its position as a leader in the haulage industry, providing innovative solutions that deliver real value to their clients.

This year marks a special milestone in the evolution of Dyce Carriers as they celebrate 50 years in business, having grown from a humble haulage company run out of the Moir’s family home in Aberdeen to a national name, with four bases in the UK and a fleet of over 100 vehicles.

Still run by the Moir family today, Dyce Carriers has remained true to their roots, always putting customers first and maintaining the same high standards of service that has been their hallmark from the very beginning.

With their continued dedication to excellence, commitment to ongoing investment and a forward-thinking approach to business, Dyce Carriers is poised to continue its impressive growth and success in the years to come.