At the end of this current DAF delivery cycle, BioMarsh will have put to the road 41 new DAF vehicles since 2013, including a wide range of six- and eight-wheel rigids for specific waste removal, tankering and drainage services. The latest DAF contingent will grow the BioMarsh fleet to over 70 units. All of BioMarsh’s DAF product has been supplied by local DAF Dealer, Harris DAF in Waltham Cross.

Bodywork is supplied by VJ Engineering and features 3,600-gallon waste tank, including an 800-gallon water compartment and vacuum equipment.

“DAF gives us an exacting chassis specification,” said company director, Martin Travers, “we have a range of other DAF rigid chassis to suit a number of different applications – and they’re all an ideal fit for their specific jobs. For example,” he said, “these latest DAF CFs allow us to fit a precise PTO specification, rather than a donkey engine, providing us with a neater, more robust solution to run ancillary equipment.”

The company, established in 1972, was a loyal Leyland, and subsequently Leyland DAF, customer with a lineage which has continued through to 2016 with today’s market leading DAF Trucks brand. Over this time, Martin Travers’ father, Rod, has provided considerable expertise in specifying chassis and finding engineering solutions with bodybuilders.

“My father has an engineering background,” added Martin Travers, “and he was instrumental in ensuring this latest batch of DAFs match perfectly their tank installation.

“We went away to try another manufacturer, but we soon came back to DAF – it’s a product, and a manufacturer, that just ‘works’.”

BioMarsh Environmental now boasts 25 locations throughout the UK, having now only recently opening a new site in Scotland. Services include liquid waste disposal, drainage surveys, high-pressure jetting, household cesspool and sewer clearing, portable toilets and 24-hour call-out.