Swindon, 8 March, 2023: CMS SupaTrak, the integrated fleet intelligence solutions specialist, has launched a DVSA-approved Driver CPC Training Centre, enabling operators to stop using generic CPC courses and gain real business value with the CMS-integrated approach.

The CMS CPC Training Centre delivers interactive and engaging driver training, which will improve driver well-being, increase legal compliance, and help reduce emissions. Existing and new customers who use the CMS-integrated telematics solution, combined with the current CPC Courses, will undoubtedly save fuel.

‘This is a genuinely holistic approach to driver training, fuel-saving and reducing emissions,’ commented the designer and creator of the courses, Kevin Barcroft, CMS SupaTrak’s Academy Training Manager.

During his extensive experience as a driver and as one of the most accomplished driver trainers in the country, Kevin learned what makes drivers tick, so the courses are aimed at tapping into and changing driver behaviour. The courses have been set up in a highly engaging and immersive way. Kevin uses quizzes, interactive videos and game show formats to guide the students through the course without death by PowerPoint.

This helps retain the course material provided throughout the training, helping learners become better, more professional drivers armed with up-to-date information while fulfilling the Driver CPC’s mandatory provisions.

The CMS CPC Driver Training Centre will initially be offering six courses, with more on the way:

  • Bridge-Strikes, Tachographs, and Drivers’ Hours Rules Awareness – online & on-site
  • Emergency First Aid at Work (Certified up to Level 3) – on-site only
  • Fuel-Efficient and Safe Driving, National Standards and
  • VRU Awareness – online & on-site
  • Health and Safety Awareness Training – online & on-site
  • Safer Vehicle, Safer People – online & on-site
  • Driver Well-being and Customer Service’

Kevin explains: ‘CPC is compulsory. Why waste money on generic conveyor-belt CPC training? A course that the drivers enjoy and retain is essential and simultaneously

solves many problems for drivers and fleet operators. The CMS CPC Training Centre delivers real business value. Remember, we don’t preach. We teach.’

Jason Airey, MD of CMS SupaTrak, explains: ‘Once again, CMS is leading far ahead of its competitors. CPC requirements are a real headache for fleet operators, and coping with the driver shortage and fuel costs are at the forefront of their worries. The CMS CPC Driver Training Centre resolves these challenges while improving staff well-being, delivering compliance and reducing emissions and fuel costs. It is a no-brainer, really.’

Book your CMS CPC Driver Training today. Contact the CMS Training Team at training@supatrak.com.