One of the UK’s leading transport giants, Leeds-based Clipper Logistics plc has continued its long-standing partnership with IVECO and dealer group, Northern Commercials, adding 89 new trucks to its 500-strong fleet, over 95% of which are IVECO. 26 of these are the new IVECO S-WAY (AS440S46TX/P) 6×2 tractor units with the AS sleeper cab and painted white with Clipper’s trademark bright green livery. The 11.1-litre CURSOR 11 provides 460hp and 2,150Nm of torque via the 12-speed HI-TRONIX automatic transmission.
The vehicles will run out of any of Clipper’s 16 transport operation centres nationally, mainly taking line-haul trunking responsibilities for supermarket, cosmetics and fashion retail customers. Additionally, they may be called upon for some radial store replenishment and delivery of click & collect orders.

Careful consideration goes into the specification of the vehicles, with a 7” touchscreen infotainment system with TomTom LIVE navigation plus Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatibility fitted, while the Aero Plus package and connectivity features* make the most of IVECO S-WAY’s up to 12% drag coefficient reduction and up to 4% uplift in fuel economy. “We had brilliant feedback from the demonstrators we trialled and those drivers already in the new trucks absolutely love them. They say it’s the first time that they feel a vehicle has properly been designed having taken them into account. That is key for us, in a world where there is a shortage of drivers. We need to do everything we can to look after this valuable team resource & maximise their efficiency,” commented Clipper’s Transport Operations Director, Mick Doe.

As some operations run double-manned teams through the night, the trucks have been ordered with an air suspended passenger seat, independent night heater and fridge to ensure the highest levels of on-board comfort for those working together in a single vehicle. While the drivers don’t necessarily sleep overnight in them often, a Smart top bunk is available for additional storage while the 3-piece folding lower bunk with flip-down table is fitted, giving a dedicated seating and dining area for the driver and driver’s mate or co-driver to relax in during breaks.

As we are a major fashion logistics player, we cube out the trailers long before we run into weight limit issues, so we can afford to introduce high level of specification within the cabs to provide a great workspace for our driving teams.”