Carbon reduction is now the main reason LCV fleets are investing more time and effort in their journey from diesel to electric according to Northgate’s latest customer research.

More than 50 fleets who attended Northgate’s Reading Drive to Zero two-day EV roadshow shared views on their electrification journey and 50% gave carbon reduction as their main motivation for reducing emissions.

Meanwhile, 22% said they are motivated by the potential cost savings of moving from diesel to electric, while a further 22% said their electrification journey was all about fulfilling customer requirements.

Three per cent revealed they were not feeling any pressure to move away from diesel, while 9.0% admitted to not having given any consideration to starting their electrification journey. 63.6% of fleets said they were just starting out on their journey which is why Northgate EV roadshows have become integral in helping and supporting this process, while just over one in five (21.2%) said they were already on their move to zero emissions.

Despite this positive approach to carbon reduction fleets remain concerned at the cost and implementation of the transition process. Just over one third (36.3%) said cost was a major concern while a further third (33.3%) said implementing the change was set to be their biggest challenge.

Meanwhile, 15.1% of fleets said they were concerned at both charging and vehicle choice in equal measure, especially when looking to replace diesel LCVs directly with equivalent EVs.

“These roadshows are extremely useful as they are giving us real time feedback from different types and sizes of fleet during their move to electric. It enables my team to understand the type of help and support they need,” explained Melanie Creedy, Northgate’s EV Business Development Manager.

“Everybody’s journey is different, but whatever stage they are at, cost and implementation consistently keep coming up as their main challenge,” she added.

Northgate’s Reading roadshow offered more than a dozen vans and chassis cabs for fleets to drive and gave full access to its EV consultancy team, including Charged EV who provide expertise on planning workplace and employee home charging.

For the first time an EAV electric cargo bike was on show as Melanie and her team recognise that last mile deliveries in major cities may involve using transport other than a van.

These latest trends from Reading add to survey results from 70 fleets who attended Northgate’s EV roadshows held in Cannock, Snodland and Darlington earlier in 2023 where cost, implementation and charging infrastructure were the top three concerns. The roadshows have been so popular that Bolton and Bristol are planned in 2023 with more locations to follow in 2024.