Electric Mobility Advocacy: BYD Ecuador and OLADE collaborate to promote electric vehicles in Latin America, fostering sustainable transportation.
Green Partnership: BYD and OLADE unite for CO2 reduction and energy security in member countries.
Clean Energy Showcase: BYD provides OLADE with electric vehicles, enhancing energy efficiency in the region.

Quito, Ecuador – BYD Ecuador (hereafter referred to as BYD) and the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) announced that an Interinstitutional Cooperation Agreement was formalized recently, with the aim of advancing the cause of electric mobility in Latin America and the Caribbean.

OLADE, under the leadership of its Executive Secretary, Andrés Rebolledo Smitmans, and BYD, represented by Jorge Burbano, Country Manager of BYD Ecuador, have signed this agreement, solidifying their joint commitment to promoting electric vehicles and accelerating energy transitions in the region.

Established in 1973, OLADE is a respected intergovernmental cooperation organization dedicated to fostering energy integration, development, and conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean. In contrast, BYD, founded in 1995, stands as a leading technology company with a focus on innovation in diverse industries, including automobiles, electronics, rail transit, and new energy.

The collaboration outlined in this agreement will encompass crucial elements such as promoting sustainable mobility, conducting workshops, and providing specialized training in electromobility. These initiatives will target both the public and private sectors, academia, specialized guilds, and civil society in Latin America and the Caribbean. Moreover, the partnership will involve site visits and technical demonstrations at OLADE facilities, specifically focusing on electromobility, for universities, technology centers, educational institutions, guilds, and related organizations. Additionally, BYD’s vehicles will be utilized in OLADE’s electromobility studies, aligning with OLADE’s work plans.

BYD will significantly contribute to this collaboration by providing a TANG EV electric vehicle model along with a charging station. This equipment will be used to demonstrate the electric infrastructure and the vehicle’s autonomy, emphasizing the advantages of electric vehicles.

Commenting on the partnership, Jorge Burbano, Country Manager of BYD Ecuador, stated, “We are deeply honored to collaborate with OLADE, leveraging our expertise in electric mobility and energy solutions. Our joint mission is crucial – reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to global efforts to cool the earth by by 1℃. I am confident that our cooperation will serve as a beacon for knowledge transfer and research, fostering sustainable development and energy security in the region.”

The Executive Secretary of OLADE, Andrés Rebolledo, highlighted the significance of the recent agreement as a key commitment to regional energy integration and cooperation for the benefit of OLADE’s 27 member countries. He emphasized the importance of transitioning to a sustainable vision in Latin America and the Caribbean, advocating for a long-term perspective in energy integration. This milestone signifies a notable collaboration between both entities, dedicated to a cleaner and more sustainable future for the region. It focuses on priority areas such as electrification of mobility and sustainable mobility training, with the possibility of agreeing on specific agreements for the execution of projects aligned with their shared objectives.

Through this agreement, BYD and OLADE reaffirm their dedication to regional energy integration and cooperation for the benefit of member countries. By closely collaborating and implementing joint projects, they aim to promote sustainable development and optimize energy resources and transportation through clean energy sources in the region.