Brigade returns to the Road Transport Expo this year, with a raft of new products and a focus on video telematics and connected services.

Brigade’s NEW Backeye®360 AI Intelligent detection is a high-definition four-camera system enhanced by state-of-the-art AI technology to identify VRUs and eliminate all blind spots.

Providing a comprehensive view in a single image, Backeye®360 alerts the driver when a person is detected using artificial intelligence.

The NEW DC-204-AI Connected Dashcam is a compact, windscreen-mounted dual camera system that uses AI technology to provide; event warnings, high-definition incident recording and monitor driver behaviour. The forward-facing camera will alert a driver to a hazardous situation, such as a risk of colliding with the vehicle ahead or an un-signalled lane departure. By providing real-time audio alerts, the driver can take immediate action to prevent a potential incident and identify issues such as mobile use, smoking and inattention.

With 4G connection via Brigade’s Telematics services, alerts and video of events are sent to a remote dashboard. Reviewing in-cab footage and analysing driving habits can identify high-risk situations and behaviours so that training programmes can be implemented to promote a safe driving culture and improve overall driver safety.

Brigade has a range of NEW telematics options including; Telematics view, designed for van fleets, Bridge view standard package for viewing live video and alerts on the go or Bridge View AI for fleet managers that want to bring AI to the forefront of road safety.

On each day of the show, Brigade will be giving away an AI Dashcam with 12 months subscription included (subject to T&C’s, data capped at 2GB per month). To enter, simply visit the Brigade stand and scan the prize draw QR code.

Brigade’s sales team will be on hand to offer guidance for TfLs Direct Vision Standard (DVS) changes that come into force in October this year. All of Brigade’s DVS products are independently tested, so that operators have peace of mind that systems will be compliant for DVS phase 2.

Brigade’s Radar Predict is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the side detection for the progressive safe system for safety on both articulated and rigid vehicles. The system will Predict collisions based on the trajectories of the vehicle and the vulnerable road user (VRU) to calculate if a collision is imminent as required by the TfL specification. So, if a vehicle and VRU are travelling in the same direction on a parallel path, they can continue to do so for an infinite time, even if they are in close proximity. Where as, If a VRU was on a collision path with the vehicle, then a more stringent audible and visual warning alarm should be sounded.”

Brigade’s NEW Front Radar designed was launched earlier this year and was designed for the MOIS element of DVS. Front radar has a dual sensor to cover the whole area at the front of the vehicle including 0.5 metres either side of the headlights, as defined by TfL. The system provides a visual colour warning when the vehicle is stationary and detects a VRU and an audible alarm as the vehicle prepares to move away.

Brigade’s radar systems have dedicated displays, one on the A pillar for side detection and a separate display for the centre of the dashboard. This reduces driver overload and makes sure the driver’s attention is exactly where it needs to be. Radar is a robust technology that works in all light conditions and through smoke, fog and dirt.

Truck racing fans will be able to view the latest products that Ryan Smith has fitted to his winning truck as well as view exclusive race truck footage.

Brigade can be found on stand G50 or by calling 01322420300.